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That Level Again is back and this time it offers far more challenging puzzles that will absolutely put your skills and knowledge on a great test. IamTagir recently added the fourth That Level Again game. If you find the first three games extremely challenging, then expect more brain draining stages in That Level Again 4. The game will take you to a series of challenging mind-twisting puzzles with varying range of difficulties. This physics-based puzzle game will ask you to visualize the puzzles carefully , otherwise, you might find yourself stuck on a level. If you think you are up for bigger challenges, feel free to explore That Level Again 4 and see how far you can go.

that level again 4The Gameplay

The mechanics for That Level Again 4 is basically similar on how the previous 3 games work. It’s a physics-based platform that features an eerie and enigmatic atmosphere. The game highlights the female character which was first introduced on That Level Again 3. No further details were mentioned about the character and it doesn’t seem to follow a plot. The game however will feature a conflict between the main character and the game developer who will constantly challenge your avatar.

Interestingly, the game has three basic controls. You can move the character on both sides using the virtual left and right buttons while jumping is done by tapping the Up button. However, this is not always the case. You will soon encounter levels where movement controls are not really applicable. Sometimes, it can be very tricky and requires tilting of screens or swiping of objects. Take note that the game will either give you a pinch of clue or nothing at all so you must figure out how to solve it.

that level again 4Hints

With such kind of puzzles, Hints will come in handy. That Level Again 4 allows you to use Hints infinitely and that is something you can take advantage with. Simply tap the Bulb icon on the upper left corner of the game screen. Although the hints can be used infinitely, there’s a catch. In order to get the hint, you must watch a rewarded video in return. This is actually a clever idea from its developer that rather than being annoyed with ads that will keep on popping up on the screen, the developer utilized the hint feature.

Hints, however, will only give you guides but  you still need to execute the actions. Take note that the rate of difficulty will drastically increase as you progress. The puzzles will become more and more challenging and some of which are seemingly inescapable. Currently, That Level Again 4 offers four stages to explore. Each stage will take you to different atmosphere and all offers different levels of difficulty that will put your skills on a great test.

that level again 4Eerie Atmosphere

One of the most notable elements in That Level Again 4 and its predecessors is the enigmatic and eerie atmosphere that it offers. Your character is presented in a voodoo-like doll with huge eyes. The Graphics are equally enigmatic as well. Some levels will take you to simple black platforms with deadly spikes on them. There are also levels adorned with colorful visuals. The music fits perfectly to set the mood as well.


That Level Again 4 is definitely a mind-twisting puzzles. It captures the same level of challenges offered by its previous versions and in fact, they made it even more difficult and seemingly inescapable. Simple yet frustratingly challenging! I guess that is how you can perfectly describe this awesome physics based puzzle. Currently, That Level Again 4 is available for both iOS and Android device and you can download the app for free. Good luck!

that level again 4

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