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PublisherHalfbrick Studios
PlatformsAndroid 4.1 and up
Size40 MB
Latest Version2.6.6.485474

Fruit NinjaIt is impossible for everyone not to be aware of the highly addictive Fruit Ninja game by Halfbrick Studios. Despite the game’s apparent simplicity, Fruit Ninja has become a massive hit. The mechanics of the game are very simple and the main aim is pretty clear. Your main objective in this game is to slash as many fruits as you can and earn the highest score as possible. The easily manageable gameplay is perfectly matched with colorful presentation. These are basically the components and formula that makes Fruit Ninja extremely successful. Generally, the simplicity of Fruit Ninja has become its greatest strength which makes it one of the most downloaded games on both Android and iOS App Store. So if you are looking for an easy arcade game, you can download Fruit Ninja for Free!

download Fruit NinjaThe Gameplay

Game wise, Fruit Ninja has a very straightforward rule. Using your trusty blade, you must prove yourself as a great ninja and slash as many fruits as you can. As soon as the game begins, the fruits will start to appear on the screen. Players must swipe their fingers across the screen to slice the fruits into half. The challenge comes in when bombs started to arrive. Players must dodge the bombs at all cost. If the blade touches them, the bomb will detonate and your game will come to a quick end.

Fruits will arrive either one at a time or in a large group. Slicing multiple fruits in one swipe creates combo which allows you to earn bigger score. Please be mindful that aside from avoiding bombs, you must also prevent yourself from missing a fruit. The game will also end if the player missed three fruits. Fruits will vary in shapes and sizes but they all have the same value except for other rare and special fruits that appear occasionally on the game. Pomegranates for an instance, allows you to earn additional score by hitting it multiple times in a short period of time. Same thing goes with other rare fruits like Starfruit and Dragon Fruit.

download Fruit NinjaMultiple Campaigns

The unpredictability of game’s result is already enough to give Fruit Ninja a remarkable Replay value. However, the game is generous enough to let us experience more campaigns. Aside from the Classic Mode, players can unlock 5 more campaigns if they have reached certain levels. Zen Mode allows the players to play the game without annoying bombs. The goal is to get the highest score as possible within the 90 seconds time limit.

Arcade mode will introduce you three special bananas; the frozen, frenzy and Double Points. Slicing them will activate their effects for a short period of time. The game will only last for 60 seconds with bombs that lessen your score instead of ending the game.  Mini Games will take you to six more easy campaigns with various objectives while Challenge allows you to compete against a computer-generated opponent.

Event, on the other hand, takes you to another set of mini games where you will oppose against various computer generated opponent. Each event will cost apples but offers greater rewards in return.

download Fruit NinjaBlades and Dojo

Another interesting element in this game is the ability to buy and unlock blades and dojos. You can unlock blades if you reached certain level but you still have to pay Starfruits to use them. Starfruits are the basic currency while Golden apples are the premium. Blades have the same attack rate but offers different creative trails when you slice them on the screen. Same thing goes with the Dojos. Unlocking them will take you to different atmosphere.

Players can also access the Store to buy Starfruits pack and Golden Apples.  So if you download Fruit Ninja, these are basically part of the game’s microtransactions. Another noteworthy feature is the power ups that players can buy prior to each game. These power ups can help you deflect bombs, create Cherry blast and add additional time.

download Fruit NinjaVerdict

The core gameplay of Fruit Ninja is generally simple yet surprising fun and addictive. The colorful details and catchy music makes the game even more enjoyable. The longevity for each campaign may not be overwhelming and quite repetitive but the replay value is considerably high for Fruit Ninja. It could be a staple game app on your mobile that you can play anytime and anywhere without the need of Internet connection. Feel free to download Fruit Ninja and see what else the game has to offer.

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