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PlatformsAndroid 4.1 and up
Size114 MB
Latest Version1.3.0

It’s not the first time we see sausage being the main subject of a mobile game. It works really well with Run Sausage Run by Crazy Labs and I can see no difference with Madbox’ Sausage Flip. As what the title of the game suggests, the goal here is to literally flip the sausage until it reaches the finish line. Although it sounds really simple, the game actually requires a lot of master in order to maximize your winning. Explore tons of amazing and undeniably challenging levels and see how far you can go.

Sausage FlipThe Gameplay

The mechanics for Sausage Flip is generally simple and easily manageable yet despite the apparent simplicity, the player is still strongly encouraged to visualize the situation carefully and establish the most effective strategy to win. The main objective for Sausage Flip is to flip the sausage all the way to the finish line while preventing it to fall beyond the map, otherwise, the game will come to a quick end and you have no other option but to start the same level back from the very beginning until you managed to make it through.

Here’s how the game works. As soon as the game begins, you will be prompted into a side-scrolling screen. By default, the sausage can be seen on the far left side of the map. Simply tap and swipe the screen to flip the sausage. The game will feature various objects where most of which the sausage can attach or stick itself into. This will basically prevent the sausage from falling. Therefore, the game requires good aiming and proper calculation in order to clear all levels effectively.

Sausage FlipOverwhelming Levels and Tons of Skins

Interestingly, Sausage Flip will take you to an overwhelming amount of levels to explore. Each level will feature different scenarios and different obstacles that you must be able to overcome. The rate of difficulty in this game is drastically increasing as you progress which makes it more challenging and more thrilling at the same time. Sausage Flip will eventually feature random mechanisms that will either help or harm you in the process. These include rotating platforms, vines, flowers, rocketship, speeding car, bouncing balls, and many others. Just be mindful that not all platforms allow the sausage to stick so analyze your actions properly to prevent the character from falling.

Another exciting element of Sausage Flip is the ability to unlock an overwhelming number of skins. From a typical sausage character, you can eventually change it to some hilarious avatars depicting different images such as unicorns, wiener dog and more. The skins are categorized into two; Levels and Premium. Those in Levels category are characters you can automatically unlock after reaching a certain level of the game while Premiums are avatars you can unlock by simply watching a rewarded video. You can also get Exclusive Skins if you avail the No Ads Starter Pack.

Sausage FlipModerate Ads And Missing Score Chart

While most games will annoy you because of a seemingly endless popping of ads, Sausage Flip will do it the moderate way. It does feature ads but not as frequent as most games. It’s not like a game that will pop an add after each attempt. They were also generous enough to give you premium skins in exchange for watching a rewarded video (only once per skin). To top it all, you’ll get exclusive skins if you decided to avail the No Ads Starter pack.

If there is a downside in this game, it is probably the missing leaderboard system. Although the levels are not really scored nor being timed, a score chart can turn this game even more engaging and fun. It could have been better if they count the number of failed attempts or if they add collectible stars as part of the rating system.

The Verdict

Simple, fun and surprisingly addictive! That is how you can describe Sausage Flip. It offers colorful graphics and a huge collection of skins you can unlock. The game also allows you to explore more than hundreds of levels which provides  Sausage Flip commendable longevity. Most of all, the game works perfectly well even without an Internet connection so you can definitely play this game anywhere and any time you want. Currently,  Sausage Flip is available on both Android and iOS devices! Feel free to download this game on your mobile and let the epic flipping adventure begins!

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