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PlatformsAndroid 4.0+
Size47 MB
Latest Version1.1.89

Do you want to download Fruit Cut 3D Mod APK? Do take some time to read our reviews first and you can find the download link at the end of this article. Bringing their own twist to the table is STUDIO GAMES MOBILE with Fruit Cut 3D, a classic slash-fruit-like-a-ninja game. My initial opinion was that this game was more tailored for children, but upon exploring the different game modes it actually becomes very thrilling and addictive!

Four exciting game modes

Fruit Cut 3D offers four stimulating game modes for players to challenge themselves with.

1. Classic

This is the typical fruit-slicing game popular with all ages. Players slide their finger across the screen to slice a variety of fruits including oranges, strawberries, coconuts and apples etc. as they are thrown upwards.  With three lives available they must attempt to slice all fruit before it falls off the screen. Miss just three fruits and the round is over!

The game also demands players’ full concentration as occasionally bombs are thrown instead of fruits. If sliced, these will instantly explode and the round will be over regardless of how many lives one might have left.

2. Timed

This game mode is exactly as the label suggests. Players have 1 minutes and 40 seconds to score as highly as they can. There are no bombs, and fruits falling off the screen will not end the game, so this game mode is perfect for players to practice their swiping and sliding!






3. Pipeline

For me, this was the most enjoyable game mode to play in. A pipeline (or conveyor belt) appears at the top of the screen. Fruit cards will slowly appear on the belt, and players must slice the fruits in the order in which they appear. Once sliced the card will disappear from the belt and the objective is to stop the pipeline from overflowing. If it does fill up, players only have a couple of seconds to try and clear the pipeline before the game ends. Slicing the wrong fruit (i.e. not the fruit next on the pipeline) will also speed up the rate at which the pipeline fills up for the next 2 or so seconds. Therefore both speed and accuracy are vital! As in the timed mode, fruits fallen off will not result in a penalty (as there are no lives in this game mode). Slice the next few fruits in succession to score extra combos!






4. One Shot

In this game mode players must slice the fruits according to what’s shown on the belt, in one motion only. Completing a set number of “orders” will allow players to reach the next stage. The fruits do not have to be sliced in order, but fruits that are not on the belt should not be slit together. There does not seem to be a penalty if you make mistakes but this is quite confusing. In one game I “game-overed” once, but in other games making the same amount of mistakes did not cost me the game.


Performance and graphics

The graphics within Fruit Cut 3D is vivid, and the quality is decent. The slicing motion was smooth for me, and most of the time the touch motion was accurate. I did not witness lagging and compared to some other games the level of advertisements was pretty acceptable.

You can download the mod apk of the game to enjoy unlimited coins. Choose from one of the download links below.

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