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PublisherThe Gentlebros
PlatformsAndroid 4.1+; iOS 
Size92 MB
Latest Version1.2.2

Have you ever asked yourself where does your cat wander off during the night? Well, now you know. To steal someone’ phone and to play Cat Quest of course!


You start stranded on a shore, and all you know that an evil cat wizard took your sister. When you encounter some villagers and they spot an interesting mark on the back of your head, they escort you to their local mage. The mage recognizes the symbol instantaneously and tells you are one of the Dragonblood, an ancient cat race vanished years ago. They could fight against dragons. But no time to enjoy the glory! Nearby capital is being terrorized by a full grown dragon! And now all eyes are on you. After you save them from that dragon, you’ll be introduced to their moody King, who, needs a saving of his own. So, the vast open world will greet you with loads of quests and adventures. Just don’t forget to follow the path of the dragons who are somehow connected to Drakoth, the wizard who took your sister.

Cat Quest


This is as simplified as you get, when we talk about RPG. To move your hero just tap anywhere on the screen and wait for it to get there. To attack, just tap on the enemy and watch your hero strike it until you command otherwise. When the enemy starts charging their attack, a transparent red circle will appear beneath them. Energy is shown as a red circle filling up the transparent one. That’s when you run away from the enemy to evade the attack. Even at low levels these should be dodged, because they inflict a lot of damage. Other ways to fight your enemies is through magic – tap and hold your hero to open up the magic menu during combat and slide your finger in one of the four ways to select a spell you want to cast.

Cat Quest

In order to interact with objects and NPCs, simply approach them and click on the icon that appears. That’s a neat way to find side quests. If you choose to follow them, main one will have to wait. You can’t do two quests at a time. All the quests, including the main storyline are quite straightforward – go over there, kill that, collect that, find out what happened with this or that, and that’s it. Although it’s an open world game, and the playable area is really broad, you can get anywhere you want really quickly. You move fast and the meaningful content isn’t separated by a lot of empty space with nothing to do in it. When you get tired, or your cat gets hurt a lot, just stop off at the nearest inn, to have a cat nap! It replenishes your health and saves your game.

Cat Quest


As of upgrading and progressing your avatar, it’s the same simple approach. Each level you get increased stats: health, armor, mana, attack power and spell power. You have an inventory for equipment and various spells at your disposal. You equip and upgrade both armor and weapons, as well as spells. It is possible to have four spells equipped at the time. The main and only currency used in the game are paw coins which all of the world monsters drop when you kill them, together with some experience points. And now is the great time to mention that little cat wisp that follows you around and serves as your companion. That does not influence the gameplay at all, that cute little thing is here to narrate the story and respond instead of you when interacting with other NPCs. What’s with the hero? Cat got his tongue?

Cat Quest



This game is cute as Hell. Okay, I don’t know how cute Hell is, never been to one, but you know what I’m talking about. The main theme of the game, is, surprisingly, a cat! Everything that is ought to be friendly in this game has a little bit of a cat. Except the main villain. Your backpack, items, spells, geographical terms, buildings, everything! I mean, a house and a backpack with cat ears, how crazy is that? A spell named Flamepurr, come on! For older audiences, this will be too much, but it will be pretty interesting for the young ones. You can assume that the developers were targeting children when you look at the story. It’s simple, straightforward and sometimes plain obviously written in a path of least resistance. No one wanted to risk with some plot twists, interesting characters or at least cool references and some humor?

Cat Quest


Story and theme aside, the game does look gorgeous and awfully cute! All the creatures look like they’ve come straight out of a cartoon. Animations are splendid, rich and powerful. The color palette is, I might say, creative. The surroundings change from green fields to dark caves and empty starry void of the Arcane temple in a meowment. Okay, I think this game is starting to really influence my writing.

One thing that is weird is the perspective. For the whole experience, you’ll feel like you are moving around a giant map, and not the actual terrain. That’s because towns and other spots are represented more like 2D symbols than like actual zones, and you can always see their names, as well as the names of the nearby objects. Not to mention that the borders of the zones are always visible too. Don’t Starve series uses a similar perspective, but they don’t show the geographical terms and borders inside the play area.

Cat Quest


Music and sound effects are cute also and full of cat themed and inspired sounds. Except for the annoying sounds that replace the dialogue… That could have been better. The composer clearly sampled a lot of instruments that are used in calming children’s music, and in those cute music boxes and similar toys you can buy for your toddlers. Same goes for the cat inspired sounds – you could easily play the music of this title to your cat to help it go to sleep. Great usage is noticed when you enter a totally different surrounding, music suddenly changes and adapts to that visual tone. Brilliant!

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