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download Dream Town StoryWe all have that ideal place we want to live in! A dream town that we all wish to exist! Interestingly, you can now turn these dreams come true by building your own town! Dream Town Story by Kairasoft is a builder game where you can apply the best of your creativity and imagination. As what the title suggests, your main objective is to build your dream town. Unlike typical town simulation like the Sims or Virtual City, this game is simple yet you have to start from scratch. If you are ready for a new journey, download Dream Town Story and start building your virtual town!

Normally, a typical town simulation will feature fixed establishments and houses and all you need to do is to explore. Most likely, you only take control of a single avatar and watch the character and the town grow as you progress. Interestingly, Dream Town Story allows you to take control of everything! Think yourself as the mayor who knows everything about his own town. Build houses, invite new residents, establish buildings and help your town grow to its full potential. Feel free to download Dream Town Story and see how far your town can grow!

download Dream Town StoryThe Gameplay

Simple, fun and addictive! This is how you can perfectly describe Dream Town Story. Despite the game’s apparent simplicity, it has a lot of interesting features you can explore and enjoy. The mechanics are generally simple; you start off with a simple town, build houses and facilities and let your town grow. It is a builder game but not everything is instantly available as you have to earn them by completing various tasks.

If you download Dream Town Story, you should be aware of its fundamentals. First, all establishments (houses, buildings and facilities) should face the road. If you failed to connect buildings on roads, they basically lose their core functions. Building houses is the most important part of the game to invite new residents and to increase the general population. Commercial buildings will not just increase coziness but also help your people get job and earn money. Generally, in the entire course of the game, your job is to build houses and make sure people are happy.

download Dream Town StoryGrow Your Town and Make People’s Dreams Come True

The core objective of the game is to build your dream town and make it grow. In order to do so, you have to build as many facilities and buildings as possible. Just because you built a house doesn’t mean you’ll earn instant residences. Interestingly, there are many factors you must highly consider. First of which is the Coziness. You can attract new residents if the level of coziness in the area is in good shape. Second is the Land Value which relies mainly on the amount of active establishments on the area. If you meet the requirements, then expect more people to arrive.

One thing you will enjoy when you download Dream Town Story is the connection you can build with your residents. Each resident has their own profile which contains information like their current ranking, job, salary and savings. They also have specific dreams that you might want to fulfill. Each has a dream job and places they want to visit someday. Eventually you can unlock Research which allows you to discover new facilities for your area.

download Dream Town StoryExplore New Areas And Beat Rival Towns

Always look for a chance to grow and never settle on a small area of land. As you progress, you can soon have a chance to purchase or unlock nearby areas. Interestingly, you cannot own a new land instantly as you have to pass a test first. The game gives you certain amount of time to increase the land value or otherwise, you have to start over. Another feature that gives the game a great replay value is the Trophy System. It is a quest-like feature that gives you specific goals to fulfill and you’ll get rewards in return.

Occasionally, the town will welcome tourists who greatly affect your popularity and your ranking. If there’s one surprising element in this game, it’s probably the phase where you need to beat your rival down. It takes you to a very unusual duel not between people but between houses and facilities. Basically, the fate of the challenge relies on the general status of your buildings. The higher the attributes of the buildings, the greater your chances in winning.


Dream Town Story is an interesting builder game. It is generally simple yet fun and addictive enough to enjoy.  The possibility in this game is limitless. The progress and the growth will depend on how you construct your town. Appearance wise, this game treats you with a retrospective atmosphere. You’ll embrace the classic pixel environment which reminds you of old school GameBoy interface. Overall, the game is entertaining and I don’t see any reason why you should not download Dream Town Story.

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