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PlatformsAndroid 4.0 and up
Size67 MB
Latest Version1.1.7b

download SeashineEver wonder what lies under the deep sea? Seashine by Pated will take you to an eerie adventure as you dive down into the abyss. The game allows you to take control of a fragile jellyfish and make your way out of the dark deep sea caves. The main objective is to survive the blinding darkness of the deep sea and keep the jellyfish glowing. If the lights went off, the game will come to a quick end. If you think you are brave enough to explore the dark and mysterious worlds of the deep sea, feel free to download Seashine and see how far you can go.

Simple yet surprisingly fun! That’s exactly what you will experience when you download Seashine. The game will prompt you in a very enigmatic atmosphere. The dark deep ocean is filled with mystery and you’ll get the chance to explore them all. Roam around the dark caves and discover the mystery that lies within.

download SeashineThe Gameplay

The mechanics of the game are very simple and easily manageable. You take control of the small glowing jellyfish which mainly relies on the tiny lights that surrounds it. The control however is quite a trick. You move around the screen by swiping the jellyfish to whatever direction you wishes to. As you explore the deep sea caves, you’ll discover wide range of deep sea creatures which will either help or harm you in the process. Some creatures are hostile and will chase you aggressively while others will not affect your journey at all.

What really makes the game more challenging is the limited light source. On the top most portion of the screen is the light meter. This will indicate the amount of remaining light source you have. In order to collect light source, you must search for crystals and interact with them. You can also use Stars to regain a partial amount. Take note that you must avoid losing all your light or the game is over. Losing the game will give you no other option but to start back from the very beginning.

download SeashineEerie Adventure

One thing you will certainly enjoy when you download Seashine is the remarkable visual presentation. The enigmatic environment is perfectly matched with eerie sounds which sets the mood right. The vision is limited which means, players will have no idea on what kind of danger awaits them in the dark. Some areas are too wide and dark which put your character on such great risk.

There are areas which allows you to pass through narrow caves. What will really excites you when you download Seashine is the unpredictability of the game. You just don’t know what to expect and what creatures you will encounter. At one point, you will get unexpected encounters with huge sea creatures and most of them are extremely hostile.  All the creatures you discovered will reflect on your Discovery page from the main menu. It is also interesting to note that all creatures in the game are based on real animals. The game will even provide information about them which makes Seashine not just fun but also educational.

download SeashinePower Ups and Upgrades

Like any games, upgrades and power ups are present when you download Seashine. It is in fact, the most important key to make your character more efficient. You can Power Up combos including various potions, speed booster, and other abilities in exchange with Stars. Players can collect stars that are randomly scattered on the caves. Abilities like Light Boost and Supersense will help you survive challenging condition and unexpected encounters.

You can also unlock new jellyfish species with better attributes. The jellyfish species will vary in terms of their size, speed, resistance, brightness and lifetime. Like the powerups, you can unlock new species through Stars. If you want to obtain bulk stars in an instant, you can purchase them through the game’s microtransactions.


Seashine is surprisingly amazing mobile game. It takes you to a one of a kind eerie adventure with so much things to explore. The discoveries are what makes this game more engaging. The more you discover new species, the more rewarding the game will become. This particular feature provides the game an impressive replay value and commednable longevity. Absolutely worth playing with!

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