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PlatformsAndroid 4.0.3 and up
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Experience how to become a true leader with the newest RPG on mobile today! Game of Sultans will take you to an epic adventure in which your goal is to rule the Ottoman Empire and strengthen your kingdom. The game follows the story of a Prince who suddenly inherited the Throne after his father’s death. With the guidance of the world’s famous viziers, you have to learn how to rule the kingdom and how to become a great leader. You will be engaging on various tasks from assembling your harems, forging armies and recruiting warlords in order to build an indestructible stronghold. If you think you have what it takes to become the greatest leader of the Ottoman empire, feel free to explore Game of Sultans and see how far your skills can take you.

Game of SultansThe Gameplay

Game of Sultans generally follows the standard mechanics of most action RPG today. The game will merely focus on building the empire by establishing buildings to increase production and by building training facilities to strengthen your troops. Much like a typical action RPG, the game takes you to two major phases including the Empire building phase and the Battle. Despite all the similarities, the Game of Sultans is truly special on its own. It has many elements that are highly unique that you cannot find on a standard role-playing game.

Unlike the typical RPG, you will no longer start from scratch. The empire is already accessible and the only thing you need to do is to strengthen or upgrade each facility. In the entire course of the game, you will be given with a series of tasks or quests that should all be taken in a proper sequence. Since the game will focus on numerous scenarios, the quests will not just focus on upgrades and battles. Some of which will ask you to level up your viziers to make them more effective and efficient while others involve building a romantic relationship with the harems or queens. All interactions are tap-based and Auto mode features are also available.

Game of SultansExpand Your Empire and Conquer Territories

One of the major objectives in Game of Sultans is to expand your kingdom by conquering nearby territories. In order to conquer an entire empire, you have to pass through one castle after another until you have reached the final boss. Although conquering is part of the quest, you can access the battlefield anytime you wish to. Simply head over to the main page and go to Campaign. This will give you access to the world map. Tap the castle you wishes to conquer and it will prompt you right away to the combat.

The battle is done automatically and it works even without the player’s interaction. You can, however, activate special skills to maximize your winnings. Before the battle commences, you can already compare the advantage of your troops against the opponent so you can clearly tell your chances of winning right away. When it comes to the final battle, your chosen warlord of vizier will be deployed. It is important to upgrade their attributes to make them more efficient.

Game of SultansViziers and Harems

Take note that you can only select a limited amount of Viziers to assist you. They can be greatly beneficial for both the Ottoman Empire and the upcoming battles so they truly deserve a long-term engagement. Upgrading them is indeed a must to improve their respective attributes. You can also summon new Viziers and it is all up to you if you want to make them part of your team or not. Upgrading the viziers also allows you to win more prizes in the form of gold coins (virtual currency) or additional resources. Gems will serve as the premium currency in Game of Sultans and you can use them to expedite production time or avail premium items.

Harems will also play a huge part in this game. In Game of Sultans, it is important for you to build a relationship with women and establish your own family. You will be engaging in a different romantic relationship and you will also be responsible for taking care of your offsprings. You will soon raise kids and train them to become great sultans someday.

Game of SultansThe Verdict

One of the most impressive elements in Game of Sultans that you will instantly notice is the visually stunning designs. It takes you to a very detailed atmosphere that is seemingly appropriate to the game’s theme and period. The storyline may not be as overwhelming compared to other RPG but still worth exploring. Game of Sultans doesn’t have complex gameplay which makes it suitable for all types of gamers. Currently, Game of Sultans is available on both Android and iOS devices and you can download this amazing game for free. Good luck!

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