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How do you call a really cool guy that doesn’t have very clear moral fighting course, but still fights the bad guys? Well, I present to you the Antihero and his Guild!


Antihero is a stealth and strategy turn-based digital board game. It sounds so cool just when you try to determine its genre. Whether you play a single player campaign, skirmish or a multiplayer match – the premise is the same. You are a cunning master thief, fighting to dominate the Victorian city. You’ll do that by cleverly running your guild, hiring experts in various fields, and stealthily prowling the dark city streets, lit by gas. Use your turn to successfully scout, explore and discover the city streets covered with fog, to infiltrate and sneak into estates and businesses and then to burgle them. Sometimes you’ll have to step up and face your opponent and his men, because you’re all fighting for the same goal: to be the master (mind) thief. You can achieve that goal by scoring points and there are three main types: bribe, assassination and blackmail.



In this mode, you’ll be following the story of Lightfinger, a thief whose reputation is being shaken up by another thief who is trying to take the control of the town – Lygrave. A lot of parameters will have to be tweaked to suit the specific scenario. For example, number of win points required to beat the mission increase from level to level. Also, sudden appearances and twists are nothing to be surprised about, it’s all part of the journey! If you, however, do want to experience a bit more balanced match, try out the skirmish or even multiplayer. Those could have a lot more unpredictable outcome.

In a campaign, you start your journey alone, but after facing the Lygrave even in the first mission, you realize that you’ll need friends and strong alliances in order to win that fight. So, where do you find trustworthy men? In the local pub of course! But that seems not to be enough, so Lightfinger has to address Hyde, second in command, to recruit more guild members. One of them is a talented street urchin, Emma. Well, desperate times call for desperate measures, so in one chapter, she’ll serve you as the master thief. This is the first time the player gets to control another character. After that, Lygrave is out of the picture, so what will you face fighting Mathilde and six more, for the thief throne, you’ll need to find out on your own! I tend to keep my texts spoiler free.



The developers managed to come up with neat solutions when it comes to gameplay. Your main character, is available to you each turn. He or she has a certain amount of action points, which can increase by upgrading your guild. You can even equip your master thief with a dagger in order to make him capable for a fight here and there. But their main purpose will be to scout the streets of the city, and to burgle estates. Some of them are business estates, which not only do offer more money, but can be infiltrated. You do this by recruiting urchins, little kids who do the dirty work. When you infiltrate a business, you get some kind of a bonus. It’s either gold or lanterns per move, the main resources of the game, or a benefit and a lower price for some of the recruitments and upgrades.

You spend gold to recruit new men, and you can recruit all kinds of them. For example, thugs, who have one life and block a path for the opponent. Then there are gangs, which can attack enemy and neutral units in order to get some extra cash and to clean up the streets. They are upgradeable, so after each kill you choose a bonus stat for them. You can send individual thugs to join gangs and increase their lives for one. You can hire a Truant Officer who has the ability to evict business estates occupied by your urchins. Then there is the Explosives guy, who puts up an invisible trap in order to try and trick your opponent when he comes to take away your urchins. Last but not least, the mighty assassin, which deals six damage in a turn but then leaves your service.


The Guild System

Upgrading your guild is introduced via a three tree talent system. You choose to spend your lanterns between Sneakery, Stabbery and Skulduggery trees which offer special and unique units, abilities and bonuses. For example, you’ll need to train your cooking skill in order to recruit urchins, or you can choose the scout skill from the Sneakery tree in order to give your master thief one more action point per turn. The best thing is, that if you do not have enough lanterns to choose any available option, you can always ask for charity. That can either be some gold or lanterns. And as the game encourages you, there is no downside to it – just choose it. But, you can’t choose a guild upgrade that turn!


Victory Condition

To achieve victory, you need to earn a certain amount of victory points. That number varies from mission to mission, and from map to map (in skirmish). It can be one and it could be ten. To bribe a public official, you simply buy a bribe in the guild upgrades menu, for five lanterns. Next one always costs one more. Maximum number of bribes sold is three. To acquire a blackmail, you’ll need first to find a church type of business estate, and then to scout it with your master thief and, finally, to infiltrate it with three urchins. If any of them get evicted, you lose that one point until you infiltrate that church with three urchins again! To complete an assassination contract, you’ll have to wait for it to show up, to scout for the wanted person and kill it with your assassin, gang, or the master thief.



The game looks and feels masterfully mesmerizing! Its charming visual style which depicts something that looks like Victorian England is used in such a way that you actually feel like playing a board game. And remember, this is not a version of an existing board game so that feel can’t have actual real-life origins. It’s all about the effort and imagination of the team behind this lovely title. And the stop motion animation is not falling behind it at all. The game can endure a lot of moving content on screen and not to look packed or to seem like it’s poorly performing. Music helps bring that murky atmosphere to life and really does stick out. I found myself humming some of the tunes after I finished playing this title, so it can be said it’s catchy. Sound effects do a great job of totalizing the illusion! Great job.


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