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PlatformsAndroid 4.1 and up
Size328.1 MB
Latest Version1.14.7

Ever imagine running a Hotel Resort? Well, if that is your dream job, you might want to explore Resort Hotel: Bay Story and follow the journey of Alice and her mission to restore her Uncle’s rundown resort back to its former glory. Alice is taking Hotel Management on a new university and she had to stay on her Uncle’s resort while she keeps herself busy on her studies. It took Alice 20 years to finally meet her grumpy Uncle again and now she had to convince him to bring the resort back to its former beauty. If you think you can help Alice transform the old resort to a successful and ideal place to visit, feel free to explore Resort Hotel: Bay Story and see how far can you go.

Resort Hotel Bay StoryThe Gameplay

Resort Hotel: Bay Story is not really different from games like Matchington Mansion by FireCraft or even WhaleApp’s very own Hidden Hotel. The main objective is to renovate the hotel. To do so, you need to collect Keys which you can only earn by completing puzzles. Much like the rest of the game that falls into the same category, Resort Hotel: Bay Story will take you to two different phases; the building phase and the puzzle phase. The building phase is where you renovate the hotel from one area to another while Puzzle phase is where you solve tile-matching puzzle and earn keys in return.

Resort Hotel: Bay Story features Match 3 puzzles. The goal is to clear levels by collecting all the items you need. As soon as the puzzle begins, it prompts you to a dynamically-changing grid filled with colorful tiles. To clear them off, simply match three or more tiles of the same color. You can also take advantage of the colorful powerups that you can earn by matching four or more identical tiles. Just be mindful that you are only given with a limited number of moves per level. Running out of moves will end your game and you have to play the same level back from the very beginning (unless you paid for coins to revive you and earn  additional five moves).

Resort Hotel Bay StoryBuild Your Dream Hotel

One of the most interesting parts of Resort Hotel: Bay Story is the compelling story. Players can dive into a cute story following Alice’s journey. It is not going to be an easy adventure for Alice, especially when dealing with his grumpy Uncle Craig. However, with the support of her Aunt and her new-found friend Mike, they will convince her uncle to bring the old hotel back to its former glory. Eventually, you will encounter more people who will help you along the way.

What you will surely appreciate when playing Resort Hotel: Bay Story is the progress. You will witness how the old Hotel Resort transforms into something grand. This allows you to build your dream hotel. Aside from renovating the area, the game also allows you to pick designs based on your very own preferences. To top it all, the hotel resort will eventually expand and will cater a wide range of other services. Much like what the title suggests, it will eventually expand to an attraction near the bay area.

Resort Hotel Bay StoryChallenging Puzzles

One of the things that you will instantly notice with Resort Hotel: Bay Story is the difficulty of the puzzles. Unlike other games that fall into the same category, the puzzles for Resort Hotel: Bay Story are noticeably more challenging. You will encounter difficult puzzles even at early levels. Take note that if you run out of moves, the game will come to a quick end. The only option to revive the level is by paying a certain amount of gold coins which you also earn by beating levels. Apparently, the game is not really generous when it comes to rewards so better make the most out of each puzzle. Establish the most effective strategy and visualize the puzzle carefully before making any moves. Be mindful that this game comes with a Life System. You lose a life every time you failed to beat the level.

Interestingly, you can always take advantage of the powerups. You earn powerups by matching four or more identical tiles from the grid. Some powerups allow you to eliminate an entire row or column while others can destroy all nearby tiles. Special powerups also allows you to eliminate all tiles of the same color. For greater effect, you can also merge two powerups together. Merging two  Rainbow power-ups, for instance, allows you to eliminate all the tiles in one snap. You can also buy consumable boosters before each level.

Resort Hotel Bay StoryThe Verdict

If you enjoyed Hidden Hotel and other games of the same kind, you will surely find the Resort Hotel: Bay Story equally engaging. Appearance-wise, this game will surely not disappoint. It is an absolute visual delight. Not to mention the compelling story that all players can dwell with. The overwhelming difficulty could either be an advantage or a downside of the game. If you are looking for a simple puzzle, you might find some levels in this game frustratingly challenging but if you are up for a challenge, this game is definitely a perfect fit. The game also works well even without an Internet connection. Currently, Resort Hotel: Bay Story is available for both Android and iOS devices and you can download this awesome game for free. Have fun!

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