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Download Roll the Ball APK – For Android/iOS 1

PlatformsAndroid 4.1+; iOS 7.0+
SizeVaries with device
Latest Version1.7.38

We all need to keep our brains sharp and nothing does it better than a good puzzle game. That is where Roll the Ball comes in! This puzzler offers quite a challenge that is fun and surprisingly addictive. I guess we can expect no less from a developer like BitMango, whose slogan is “we make a puzzle”. I enjoyed each level as the puzzles went from simple to pure genius.

Brilliant Puzzles from Start to Finish

Download Roll the Ball APK – For Android/iOS 2

Since Roll the Ball has no storyline whatsoever, you can just jump straight into the action. To beat a level, you have to slide tiles and arrange them in a path. The ball uses the path to travel from the beginning point to the goal (end). You can slide any tile freely unless it is bolted down. As soon as you make a pathway for the ball, it will automatically start rolling. This way the tiles are arranged in each level leads to some brilliant puzzles.

Roll the Ball has Great Game Modes

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To make the gameplay more interesting, Roll the Ball has four different game modes:  Star Mode, Classic Mode, Moving Mode and Rotation Mode. Each mode offers unique challenges and a rewarding 3-star system that gives you feedback on how well you are doing.

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In Andromeda Mode, the level has some pipes with stars in them. The ball collects the stars when it rolls through those pipes. You automatically get a star when the ball starts rolling, but you have to figure out how to make sure the pipes containing the other two stars form the ball’s pathway. Once you do this, the ball will roll through the pipes and collect all the stars, giving you a 3-star rating.

In Classic Mode, there are no stars to collect in the pipes. Instead, you are given a number of moves in which you must complete the level in order to get a 3-star rating. If a level gives you three moves, you have to make exactly that specific numbers of moves to receive all three star. Every additional move you make tanks your rating. I must admit, this got me thinking quite a bit and made me replay entire levels to complete them in the number of moves specified. It was such a great and fun challenge.

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In Move the Ball mode, the ball starts rolling even when you haven’t connected the pipes (as soon as the timer hits zero). If the ball reaches the end of a pipe that you haven’t connected to another pipe, it’s game over. This makes the puzzles more intense as it forces you to think quickly. You get a target number of moves as well, like in Classic mode.

Finally, in Rotation mode, you can rotate the pipes by tapping on the tiles. If a tile is facing the wrong way, just tap on it and you can orient it in the direction you want. This adds a whole new dimension to puzzles but keeps the heart of the game intact.

Roll the Ball is a great puzzler for you to exercise for your brain. It reminds me of the old slide puzzles from back when I was a kid. (the ones where you had to arrange the pieces to form an animal or fruit). Although some of the levels made me scratch my head, the game made me feel smart enough by not making them way too difficult. I can’t wait to complete all the puzzles!

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Download Roll the Ball APK for Android/iOS

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