Block Puzzle Jewel Free review

PublisherNCT Games
PlatformsAndroid 4.1 and up
Size32 MB
Latest Version1.0.0

Block Puzzle Jewel is a unique and addictive blend of Match 3 and classic Tetris.

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Block Puzzle Jewel is a fun, free puzzle game that mixes Tetris with Match 3.

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Block Puzzle Jewel offers a novel mixture of elements borrowed from some of the genre’s best to craft a refreshing and enjoyable puzzle game. You place different shaped pieces and try to piece them together to fit neatly onto a board. Like in Tetris, if you complete a full horizontal or vertical line, the line disappears and you earn points. You can also put down pieces that can set you up for multiple lines in one turn, netting you combo points. There are also special blocks hidden inside some pieces. When you complete a line containing one of these blocks, it explodes outwards and takes more blocks with it.

Block Puzzle Jewel achieves what most games strive for – it’s a game that’s easy to learn but difficult to master. Advanced players will enjoy thinking of ways to position pieces and special bomb blocks for ultimate efficiency. More casual gamers can still make their way through the game, they just won’t be able to earn points as quickly. It’s refreshing to find a puzzle game that isn’t trying so hard to stump you. You can play at the pace you want, but get a higher score with clever play.

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Timed mode is one of the extra game modes you can play for an added challenge.

Of course, if you’re looking for something a little more difficult, there are three extra game modes that will give you what you’re looking for. Bomb mode gives randomly spawns bombs on your board. You must destroy them by completing lines before their timer goes down. The timer ticks down by one after every move you make. 8×8 Classic Mode is regular Block Puzzle Jewel but on a smaller board so there’s less room for mistakes. And timed mode gives you 2 minutes to match magic jewels. There’s something here in Block Puzzle Jewel that all kinds of puzzle game fans will like.

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From the middle age onward, it becomes increasingly important to keep the brain active through cerebal workout. In fact, The Guardian reports that puzzle games can help fight off the onset of Alzheimers. Unfortunately, most modern puzzle games are so focused on constantly pushing the player to complete stages that they can become stressful to play. Adult gamers can find the pressure off-putting and give up before not long after getting started.

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Fortunately, Block Puzzle Jewel has a simple solution for this problem that makes it much less stressful. An important aspect of Block Puzzle Jewel’s Classic Mode is its lack of a timer. This makes it perfect for winding down after a long day of work or looking after the kids. Since there’s no pressure of a constant running countdown, you can also sneak in short game sessions while you’re at the dentist or waiting at the bus stop.

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The colorful animations and great visual style are fun to view in action.

Visually, Block Puzzle Jewel is vibrant and colorful with bright jewels and a familiar jungle pirate aesthetic. The various graphic effects that appear when you create a line or when a bomb explodes are fun to watch in action. A lot of care has been put into making this a complete puzzle experience, and it shows.

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The satisfying mechanics and chill tone of Block Puzzle Jewel make for a relaxed but challenging experience. It’s perfect for adults who want to train their brain but hate being pushed around by a clock. Older gamers, in particular, will appreciate how calming your time in the game can be and how easy it is to pick up and play.

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The Verdict
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Block Puzzle Jewel offers stress-free puzzle solving action that lets you solve its challenges at your own pace. It's a great game for pick-up gaming sessions because it's easy to learn, but expert gamers will enjoy the different game modes that make the game harder. Whether you're picking up your kids from ballet lessons or want to relax during your lunch break, Block Puzzle Jewel is a great way to fill in the time.

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