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PublisherFPS Shooter
PlatformsAndroid 4.1 and up
Latest Version1.28.006

download pixel's unknown battle ground and experience an action packed battle royale With the current hype of Battle Royale games, it is not surprising why many developers will try to imitate the success of those highly acclaimed games like Fortnite, PUBG and Rules of Survival. Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground is basically a game that is merely inspired from PUBG. The game, however, is not affiliated with the franchise but more of a rip-off. As what the tile suggests, Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground takes you to a pixel-art world similar to Minecraft.

Although it sounds really ambitious, players who download Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground will find the game extremely simple. Unlike Pixel Gun 3D’s Battle Royale mode, this game features a simplified combat. It may not be as hardcore as the others but the game is good enough to give you satisfying battle royale experience.

players will be deployed in remote island and the survival battle will beginThe Gameplay

As soon as the game begins, it prompts you to the main menu which allows you to access campaigns, Upgrades, Shop, Achievements and Leaderboard. Interestingly, the game is available in three different campaigns; Battle Royale, Team Match and Zombie Mode.   The Battle Royale serves as the main campaign. Unlike the typical gameplay, there is no concrete number needed to start the game but it will take you to the same four phases. The game welcomes player in a Pre-battle phase which only last for 60 seconds.  All the players who enter the server within the given time frame will be part of the battle royale.

There will be 10-second preparation before the actual combat begins. The helicopter will deploy all the players on their selected drop point. You have to hit the Parachute icon in order to land. The map may not feature visually stunning graphics but it offers many locations to explore. After landing on your preferred drop point, you must start hunting for weapons. There is no navigation map in this game so you cannot track enemies unless they are nearby as their names and life bar will appear. The battle zone is also gradually shrinking which makes the game a lot more challenging. Like most battle royale game, the goal is to survive and the last player standing wins the challenge.

download pixel's unknown battle ground and explore various campaignsTeam Match and Glitchy Zombie Mode

Interestingly, if you download Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground, it takes you to two more equally exciting campaigns. The Team Match Campaign takes you to a cooperative match. You will enter the battlefield along with other players much like the Battle Royale Mode. However, as what the title connotes, you will be fighting along with a group of other players. The surviving team wins the game.

Zombie Mode could have been an interesting campaign but it has flaws that badly need improvements. Zombie mode supposed to take you in the same battlefield but with the existence of zombies. The goal is to survive both zombies and opponents and be the last man standing. The campaign, however, is quite glitchy. It lags a lot that makes it unplayable. I just hope developers will pay some attention to improve the system.

be the last man standing and win the battle royale (download pixel's unknown battle ground)Achievements, Daily Rewards and Customizable Characters

What gives the game an incredible replay value is the gameplay itself. Considering that you are dealing with different enemies for each battle, the game becomes unpredictable. Despite the apparent simplicity, players must still come up with the best strategy to maximize their survival. Another note-worthy features that players can get if they download Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground are the achievements and daily reward system.

There are only three things listed in Achievements but the demands for each task dramatically increase as you progress. The Daily Rewards, on the other hand, allows you to win extra prizes such as virtual cash and walkie-talkies. Players can also upgrade weapons and vehicles to improve their attributes. They can only embrace the effects of the upgrade if they managed to obtain the weapon during the battle.

Another equally interesting element in this game is the ability to buy new skins for your character. The shop allows you to buy various PUBG-inspired skins using the virtual cash. It also gives you access to some in-app purchases like the Emotions and Extra Cash.

download pixel's unknown battle groundVerdict

Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground is not a perfect Battle Royale game compared to other leading titles. It has flaws and many glitches and not to mention the overwhelming ads that will appear from time to time. The advantage of this game however is the fact that it gives you a battle royale experience without compromising your phone’s storage. Compare to other battle royale games, the game only consumes small capacity. It is generally a nice game and absolutely worthy playing.

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Download Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground Royale APK for Android/iOS

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