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download Among The Dead OnesIt’s always fascinating to see games that are still in Early Access. Normally, a game will pass through two stages of testing before their final version. The first stage is Alpha which is normally a phase where developers test their game within a small group of developers. Beta phase on the other hand is where developers invite limited number of users to test their game. Interestingly, we just came across this horror survival game entitled “Among The Dead Ones” which is surprisingly available for download despite being in Alpha Stage. We decided to download Among The Dead Ones and see what their Early Access Alpha has to offer.

Since the game is merely on its very early stage of development, players who download Among The Dead Ones must expect a lot of flaws and bugs here and there. What I personally enjoy about Early Access game is that you can see the game’s huge potential despite of early stage of development. This will give developers enough insights on what areas they should improve and what are the features they should add. In the case of Among The Dead Ones, you can tell how huge this game will become.

download Among The Dead OnesThe Gameplay

The game has a very simple mechanics. It’s a first person horror survival game which quite reminds me of the Into The Dead series but in an open world game. Currently, the game doesn’t follow any story yet but it takes you to a place dominated by the undead. The Alpha phase doesn’t have an definite goal yet but it allows you to explore a wonderful 3D map. The notable silence and the eerie atmosphere sets the mood right. You can download Among The Dead Ones and experience how enigmatic the game is.

The graphics can be adjusted from Low to Cinematic. Simply tap the Backpack icon on the upper right and access the Settings Tab. You can adjust almost everything from Perspective to Foliage details based on your preferences and based on your phones capabilities. The graphics however are quite glitchy as you can see a lot of glitches everywhere. The controls are very tricky too. You move around through the virtual joystick. There’s two tap-based button on the screen including the Fist and Sprint.

download Among The Dead OnesA Game with Huge Potential

Those who download Among The Dead Ones in the Early Access phase might experience a lot of bugs and flaws but you can really tell how huge this game can become. The concept alone is truly impressive and could possibly share the same success with Into The Dead. Among The Dead Ones however is unique on its own. First of all, the game is meant to be an open world. Therefore, unlike Into The Dead that goes on a linear progression, the player is free to explore the map the way he wishes to.

It doesn’t have much to offer yet and the map is not that big but you can really tell where the game is going. In fact, the developer is already teasing the current development which puts gamers in so much anticipation. One thing you’ll enjoy when you download Among The Dead Ones is the Day and Night Cycle. Also, the character’s health is regenerating automatically at this moment. Hunger and Thirst will also affect your status as well as the Energy consumption. Let’s say you decided to sprint to reach the next location faster, you consume energy and if you run out, the character’s action is limited.

download Among The Dead OnesAreas To Improve

You can tell that the game has so many flaws and definitely not perfect at this phase. It only features few zombies and no weaponry system. As soon as you start the game, the first and only weapon you can obtain is an Iron Axe. Aiming and targeting zombies is quite a complicated process too. Some of the possibly features you can obtain in the future development is the Crafting system (possibly similar to the Last Day on Earth concept).

The game currently lacks of weaponry and there are only few items you can interact with. There’s few houses or shelter you can access but they do not have much details inside.  Also, the game has no objectives to follow. There’s probably a Quest or mission system on the game’s final version. The game, based on the trailers is supposed to have Multiplayer system which is absolutely something to look forward to. The random ads however is quite distracting. It will warn you five seconds ahead before it pops up but what if you are dealing with a great horde?

download Among The Dead OnesVerdict

Despite being on an Early Access Stage, Among The Dead Ones is truly intriguing and absolutely has huge potential. It could be a huge game if the developers input all the features we need for an epic Horror Survival experience. Currently, you can download Among The Dead Ones (the unreleased version) on Google Play Store for Free.

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