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PlatformsAndroid 4.1 and up
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Latest Version1.64

The Kingdoms of Heckfire is another exciting empire building game that takes you to an epic yet hilarious adventures. The game is published by A Thinking Ape Entertainment Ltd which is also the same people behind Party in My Dorm. Interestingly, unlike the typical empire-building game, Kingdoms of Heckfire will focus greatly on training dragons while building a sustainable stronghold at the same time. Your main objective for this game is to restore the overrun city back to its former glory. The city was apparently invaded by goblins and other monstrous creatures and now, you must build your army, train them and send them into the battle to regain your freedom and to restore the city back to its harmonious state. If you think you have what it takes to lead the troop towards victory, feel free to explore the Kingdoms of Heckfire and let your epic journey begins.

Kingdom of HeckfireThe Gameplay

Interestingly, the Kingdoms of Heckfire works the same way with your typical real-time strategy empire building adventure. The mechanics are generally simple and easily manageable. Much like your typical empire-building strategy game, you start the game from scratch. Townhall will serve as the heart of your empire and upgrading it will allow you to construct more buildings and unlock more features. Although you are free to do almost anything in this game, you still have to rely greatly on your main quest in order to progress. In the entire course of the Kingdom of Heckfire, you will be asked to construct buildings, upgrade, rescue and train dragons, enter the Realm and engage with endless online battles.

The best part of the game is the progress itself. You can see how the city evolves from an overrun town to a sustainable kingdom. Completing the quests is the most essential element of Kingdom of Heckfire and much like other RTS games, it comes with an Auto-Quest system. It means that you don’t have to manually navigate the kingdom because you just have to tap the Quest bar and it will prompt you directly to the given task. It is interesting to note that the Kingdoms of Heckfire has many equally-engaging features to explore including the Clan system and other Multiplayer elements that allows you to interact with other real-time online players.

Kingdom of HeckfireBuild Your Kingdom

More than anything else, the main objective in this game is nothing more but to build a sustainable kingdom. To do so, you must build various buildings and upgrade them into their maximum potential. Like most empire-building games, the first phase of the Kingdoms of Heckfire is easily manageable. Most upgrades and construction can be done for free and you can even skip the waiting process. However, as you progress, it is going to be a different story. The length of the construction and upgrade time will dramatically increase and some of them will take more than an hour or even a day.

Well, you have the option to wait but you can always expedite the process using many different handy methods. First of which is by using the Speed Up Boost. Players can earn Speedup Boost as a form of rewards for completing quests or through daily bonuses. The booster comes with many variants which allow you to speed up the process and isolate the waiting time from 1 min to 1 hour. Players can also take advantage of the Jewels (premium currency) and finish the construction instantly by simply paying a certain amount. You can also join Clan and ask for some help from your clan members. Clan members can help you speed up the production and they can also send useful reinforcement especially when you’re dealing with an epic battle.

Kingdom of HeckfireTrain Dragons and Enter The Realm

One of the special elements of the Kingdoms of Heckfire are the dragons and the player’s ability to train them. This game has two different forms of battle; the one that takes place within the kingdom and the one that takes place in the world realm. The Dragon eggs can be obtained mostly from the enemies you can find within the kingdom. It is important for the players to clear out invaders to give enough space for a new building. Most of the invaders often carry dragon eggs and the only way to obtain those is by eliminating them.

Once you have obtained the dragon eggs, you can hatch them right away. Simply head over to the menu and tap the Dragon icon. It will list down all the dragons and dragon eggs you have captured. Tap your chosen dragon and it will prompt you to its profile. Here, you can equip it with relics, feed it with meat and rank up its abilities to make them more efficient in the battle. After training the troops, you can enter the Realm to either hunt for a monster, gather resources or better yet battle against another kingdom. You can also hunt for epic beasts and ally with other teams or clan members to defeat them.

Kingdom of HeckfireThe Verdict

The Kingdoms of Heckfire is an engaging empire-building game. It captures everything we love from a standard Real-time strategy game. To top it all, the game comes with an impressive graphics which is complemented with well-fitting music and audio effects. Ads were also cleverly inputted which makes the game more enjoyable. The Kingdoms of Heckfire seemingly perfected the formula for an empire-building RTS while incorporating some unique elements on it which makes it a standout. Just be mindful that this game requires a stable internet connection in order to experience it in full extent. Currently, Kingdom of Heckfire is available for both Android and iOS devices and you can download this game absolutely for free. Good luck!

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