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PlatformsAndroid 4.1 and up
Size207.6 MB
Latest Version2019.9.1

From the creators of the highly acclaimed Toy Defense series comes an entirely different game! My Cafe is Melsoft’s newest game that will take you to an amazing restaurant management adventure.  You play the role of a Coffee Shop owner who just opened a new shop. The main objective is to help your character expand the business and transform the shop into your dream cafe. With the help of your trustworthy baristas and crews, you will try your best to deliver quick and excellent service to your customers. If you think you have what it takes to become the best Coffee Shop owner in town, feel free to explore My Cafe and see how far your restaurant management skills can take you.

My CafeThe Gameplay

The mechanics for My Cafe are generally simple yet surprisingly tricky at the same time. My Cafe is definitely not your typical restaurant management game. First of all, this game runs endlessly and there is no day and night cycle involved. Therefore, the players do not have to reach a certain target just to clear levels and all you need is to serve as many customers as possible. The cafe-restaurant will be open to customers 24/7. Generally, here’s how it works. As soon as the game starts, the customers will start to arrive. You need to put tables and chairs to accommodate the customers.

You also need stands and equipment to process their orders. Take note that this is a cafe and most of the products you cater are beverages from Teas to coffees to lattes. As the customer arrives, they will start calling your attention. Tap the customer and you have the option to either take their orders or have some casual conversation with them. Two main things make My Cafe extremely unique above the rest. First is the recipe-system in which you must combine various items to produce a new product. Second is the ability to have a casual conversation with the customers and explore their different stories along the way.

My CafeLearn New Recipes

One of the unique features of My Cafe is the recipe-making. Unlike your typical restaurant management game where all the recipe are already available and all you need is to tap them and serve them, My Cafe has a very unique yet tricky approach. Here’s how the game works. You start the game with basic beverages like espresso, tea, Americano, and Latte. Each of them comes with their own machine. Eventually, the customers will demand of new type of beverages which are not available from the shop. To produce such an item, you must combine certain ingredients. A Double Espresso, example, is simply a combination of two espresso cups.

English Tea is a merge between Tea and Milk while White Cage Glace is made from Milk, Espresso and Vanilla Ice cream. The more items you add on your menu, the more challenging the recipes will become. Some of them will also take time to prepare but you can take advantage of the diamonds or gems to expedite the production or isolate the witing time. Aside from beverages, My Cafe will also cater a huge selection of pastries. Eventually, you will also get access to special spices. These spices like rose petals, galanga, ginger, anise and more are considered special ingredients and you can only obtain them from the shop (using premium currency) or through gifts. Products with special ingredients are special orders and they are relatively more expensive than normal products.

My CafeEngage with Customers and Explore Their Stories

Interestingly, the game comes with a tagline “Recipes and Stories” simply because My Cafe is not just your typical restaurant management game. The recipe-making makes the game distinctive but the stories make it even more fascinating. Aside from taking orders, you can also chat with your customers and explore their stories. Each customer comes with their own story that you can intertwine with. Some of them will reveal their romantic love stories while others will involve mysteries and interesting trivia you can learn.

Interacting with your customers will not just let you explore their stories but you can also take advantage of their gifts. Some customers will reward you with gems, gifts, and virtual cash. You must also pay attention to their suggestions and criticisms to help you improve your shop. Interestingly, this game will also provide you control with the prices and set them based on your own discretion. The prices for some items tend to go high special when Holiday and special season arrives. Just don’t overprice, otherwise, the customers will get upset and you might find your progress less-satisfying. When you earned enough, you can soon expand your shop or better yet participate in township tournaments and win more valuable rewards.

My CafeThe Verdict

My Cafe is truly a unique restaurant management game. It offers a more realistic restaurant management simulation. Appearance-wise, My Cafe is an absolute visual delight. The graphics are impressive and well-polished and it is accompanied by well-fitting music and audio effect. Generally, we can consider this game as an endless restaurant management since the game doesn’t feature a level by level challenge and it comes with endless possibilities. Ads were also cleverly applied but reward videos are not as generous as they should be. If you are dedicated to this game, you might as well take it to another level by upgrading your account to VIP. Overall, it is a wonderful game and absolutely worth a download. Currently, the game is available for both Android and iOS devices.

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