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PlatformsAndroid 4.4 and up
Size237.1 MB
Latest Version1.1.1

From the people behind games like Hoop Smash and Shootout 3D comes another engaging game that will surely put your skills on a great test. Draw It is one of the newest game craze in Kwalee’s ever-growing collection of mobile games. As what the title of the game suggests, your main goal is to outrank your opponents by drawing as many images as possible within a given time frame. The objective is to draw quick yet recognizable images and outscore your online opponents within the limited time. If you think you got the skills to win this game, feel free to explore Draw It and see how far your skills can take you.

Draw ItThe Gameplay

Draw It follows very simple mechanics yet despite the apparent simplicity, the game is surprisingly challenging and will surely put your drawing skills on a test. For those who have played Pictionary, Draw It is generally inspired by it. It’s basically a Pictionary game with a twist. Here’s how the game works. As soon as the game starts, the system will search for three other online players. Once done, everyone will be prompted into the playing area. The interface of the game is composed of 4 major parts. The uppermost area will showcase your score and the opponent’s progress. It will show small screens showing live drawings from your opponents.

Under the uppermost panel is a banner that features two words, one highlighted in pink and the other in blue. Your objective is to pick any of the two words and draw it on your board as quick and possible. Under the banner is a small space in which the system tries to recognize your work. If the system guessed the image correctly, you will earn a score and you will be given with another pair of words to choose from. The white blank panel below is where you interact and draw. Simply swipe your fingers and sketch the image.

Draw ItShow Off Your Drawing Skills

Draw It may not require you to become an artist or draw a masterpiece but you still need to draw something easily recognizable. I’m not really sure how it works but the system is seemingly programmed to recognize various images. So if you are asked to draw an apple, then you should draw all the notable features of an apple including the proper shape and the small stem on top. You do not have to be a great artist but you must know how to draw things clearly. The system must recognize your drawing in order to set score, otherwise, you will either have to clear the drawing and do it again or simply skip the image and proceed to a new one.

Players should also learn how to decide quickly. You only have to pick one out of the two given words and the most ideal trick is to choose the word that you can confidently draw easily. So if you are about to pick between a sock and a laptop, then better pick sock as it only requires smaller and lesser details. The drawing area is also limited in size so try not to consume too much space to make your drawing more recognizable. After the time run out, the player with the most number of correctly-guessed drawings wins the game.

Draw ItUnlock Characters and Word Packs

Another interesting element of Draw It is the overwhelming number of characters you can unlock. You can unlock characters in three different ways. First is by reaching a certain level. Every time you completed a match, you’ll earn experience and if you have earned enough, you will gain a new level.  Some characters can be unlocked by watching reward videos while others can be obtained by upgrading your account to VIP. The game will also introduce you with Word Packs. These are categorized words that can be added to the system.

Currently, there are more than 50 word packs to unlock and some of which are part of their VIP package. These word packs are sorted in various categories such as faces, sweets, sky and many more. Players, by the way, can take advantage of the Skip feature. You are entitled to use 3 Skips per match. The downside of Draw It, however, is that it becomes a vehicle for too many adverts. You can even encounter ads in the middle of the match which is truly frustrating. Players will also encounter ads every after level which I hope to be minimized to make the game more engaging.

Draw ItThe Verdict

Those who love playing Pictionary will surely find Draw It equally engaging and fun. The multiplayer element of this game and the leaderboard system makes the Draw It enjoyable and it gives the game a remarkable replay value. Since this is an online game, it requires a stable Internet connection to enjoy this game in full extent. The overwhelming adverts, however, serves as the game’s major downfall. If only the developers can minimize the ads or at least input them in such clever fashion without interfering with the actual game, the game could have been more entertaining. Currently, Draw It is available for both Android and iOS devices and you can download this game absolutely for free. Cheers!

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