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PlatformsAndroid 4.1 and up
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Latest Version19.04.92

It is time to showcase your creativity and show your best fashion style! Crowdstar’s Covet Fashion is inviting all the aspiring couturiers and fashionistas to join the leading fashion game in the world. Prove to them that you really have what it takes to conquer the world of fashion. Covet Fashion will take dress up game to an all-new level. It will measure your creativity at its best. The main objective of this game is to help various clients wear the most fashionable and most appropriate outfits by choosing among hundreds of different brands of clothes, shoes, and accessories. If you are up for a challenge, feel free to explore Covet Fashion and see how far your fashion skills can take you.

Covet FashionThe Gameplay

Covet Fashion comes with very simple mechanics. It works like a typical dress up game but with an interesting twist. It takes you to an online community of aspiring couturiers and fashionistas who will compete against each other in an online fashion world. The main objective of this game is simple. You must dress up a client and help them wear the most appropriate set of outfits based on the given theme. For example, you will enter a challenge that asks players to dress up clients for a Royal wedding event. Your mission is to select among the hundreds of different clothes and accessories from different world-renown brands that will fit perfectly on the given theme.

After you enter the challenge and after dressing up your client, you must submit your entry to be part of the global competition. The competition is vote-base and the result often takes a few hours or more. The player with the most number of votes wins the biggest rewards which can be in the form of Covet cash, diamonds or new outfits or accessories. You can also participate in the game’s voting system which allows you to win Tickets. These tickets are mainly used to enter the challenges and without them, you cannot participate in any existing events.

Covet FashionExert The Best of Your Creativity

Covet Fashion is generally a dress up game and it doesn’t require any extensive skills or technical knowledge to win this game. However, what you need the most is to exert the best of your creativity. You can do almost anything in this game and dress your clients based on your own preferences but your fate and reputation as a couturier in Covet Fashion still rely on people’s perspective. You must be creative enough to deliver the right outfit. Here’s how it works. The game screen is divided into three tabs; Limited Time, Jet Set and Voting. To enter the challenges, simply head over to the Limited-Time tab.

This page will display all the exciting challenge which changes on a daily basis. Each challenge comes with a theme that you must follow. Tap on your chosen challenge and it will show you the details you need to know and the requirements you must obey to qualify your entry. Tap the “Style Look” button and it prompts you to your Closet. It features the female avatar and a bunch of icons to indicate a specific outfit or accessory. You can use either the items you already own or better yet buy a new one from the shop. You can buy items using your Covet cash or your diamonds. Once you have bought the item, it will be yours forever and it will also increase your Cover Closet value.

Covet FashionCompete To Win Fabulous Prizes

What really set Covet Fashion apart from typical dress up game is the multiplayer element. The game allows you to compete and outrank players on a leaderboard or compete to win fabulous prizes. The result of your score will be based not just from the players’ votes but also with other equally-important factors such as the number of “unworn” dresses you use and the number of Fall Items you input. Winning the competition will not just grant you exciting prizes but will also elevate your status in the Covet Fashion world.

Eventually, as you progress, you will get access to other features such as the Fashion House which also allows you to win extra prizes in a monthly rally. Some campaigns will even allow you to collaborate with other online players. The Leaderboard system will be accessible after completing seven challenges which allows you to compete against other leading Coveters. The Jet Set Challenge, on the other hand, allows you to travel to different parts of the world and embrace their unique fashion and culture.

Covet FashionThe Verdict

Covet Fashion is truly a game-changer. It elevates a typical dress up game to an entirely new level. It captures the fascinating world of couturiers. If you love fashion and if you are an aspiring fashionista who loves to deal with different designer brands, Covet Fashion is game wonderfully tailored for your taste. Since this is an online game, Covet Fashion requires a stable Internet connection in order to access the online community as well as the virtual shops. The game is currently available for both Android and iOS devices and you can download this game absolutely for free. Good luck!

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