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Wheel of Fortune is definitely one of the most iconic game show ever created and it is not really surprising to see that the game was adapted in so many media platforms. Interestingly, Scopely has its own take to this popular game show and it is more than just solving a single word puzzle. Words of Fortune is a crossword puzzle that features some elements inspired by Wheel of Fortune. The objective is to clear levels and get the highest score as possible. In order to do so, you must solve the crossword puzzles by submitting the correct words. If you think you are skillful enough, feel free to explore Words of Fortune and see how far your vocabulary skills can take you.

Words of FortuneThe Gameplay

The mechanics for this game are very simple. If you have played mobiles games like Word Cross or Word Cheese, you should know how exactly this game works. Interestingly, Words of Fortune is more than just your typical word-cross puzzle as it features some popular Wheel of Fortune elements. As soon as the game begins, it prompts you right away to the first level. The interface of a standard level is basically composed of the crossword boxes on top and the jumbled letters below.

In order to form a word, simply tap, hold and swipe your finger on top of the letters. This should be done in a proper sequence. Simply release the hold to submit the word. If the word is valid, then it will fill up the respective boxes above and if not, the game will indicate it’s wrong and you just have to submit another word. When you submit a valid word but is not part of the crossword, it will go to your “Extra Word” list and if you had enough words, you will win an Extra Spin.

Words of FortuneSpin the Wheel

One of the greatest highlights of Words of Fortune is the Wheel of Fortune itself. The game allows you to spin the wheel and earn various prizes. Take note that you can only spin the wheel if you have spin points which you can obtain in numerous ways. First is by completing an Episode. It is interesting to note that Words of Fortune will take you to a series of Episodes. Each episode basically features different scenario depicting various parts of the world. An episode is composed of multiple levels that you need to clear. Once you have completed all the levels and concluded an episode, you’ll be rewarded with Spins.

Another way to win spins is through Extra Word. If you submitted a valid word that is not part of the current crossword puzzle, it will go directly to your Extra Word list. This comes with a meter that once you have filled, you’ll earn an extra Spin in return. Another way to earn an extra spin is by watching an ad. The game will occasionally give you options to watch an Ad and earn a Spin. Aside from winning virtual money, Spin comes with three major prizes that allow you to unlock new skins and many other features.

Words of FortuneSpecial Levels and Unlock Skins

Every Episode of Words of Fortune takes you to a different setting. The wheel will spin and will randomly select a new theme. You can definitely explore different parts of the world from Egypt to Japan and more. Other interesting elements of this game are the special levels. From time to time, you will encounter levels that offer more challenge. This includes the Star Level and the Cash Level. In Star Level, stars will be distributed randomly on crossword boxes. They often arrive one after another and in order to obtain them, simply guess the right word on specific boxes. The more stars you collect, the more Extra Spins you will earn. Cash Level, on the other hand, allows you to earn virtual money.

Aside from the dynamically changing atmosphere, the game also allows you to unlock new skins for your letter tiles. Most of the letter tiles can be obtained from the Prize Wheel but others can also be purchased via virtual money. As far as the microtransactions are concerned, the game offers Cash Bundles that are purchasable via real money.

The Verdict

Words of Fortune is generally a simple yet super entertaining word game. Instead of simply dealing with a typical crossword, the game elevates the experience by incorporating some notable Wheel of Fortune elements on it. If you are having a hard time, you can always take advantage of the Hint features. Overall, it is absolutely a great brain teaser. It also works perfectly fine even without an Internet connection. Currently, Words of Fortune is available on both Android and iOS devices. Have fun!

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