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PublisherTeslatech Pvt. Ltd.
PlatformsAndroid 3.0+
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Callbreak Multiplayer is a simple yet enjoyable app that allows users to play the card game call break
with other people on the same app. The game is an app version of the popular trick-taking card game. It’s a game played with your standard 52-card deck between four players. What makes this game appealing is that you can play it with three of your friends. Just open the app and have a quick game of callbreak on your phones and devices.

The starting screen for Callbreak Multiplayer with options for Single Player, Random Players, and Facebook Friends

The Game

The game call break is a simple trick card game with as many as four players. Each player is dealt a card until each player has 13 cards. Then starting with the player to the right, each player opens one match by bidding or declaring the number of tricks they think they can deal in the match. Then the starting player places a card of his choice in the middle. In each trick, each player must follow the same suit or they must play a trump card. In Callbreak Multiplayer, Spades are the trump cards. The player with the highest possible card wins the trick.


Making the bid with each turn at the start of a game


All four players, starting with the starting player must play the number of tricks they declared for that round to get a positive score. If not, they get a negative score. A trick containing a spade is won by the highest spade. The winner of the trick is the highest card of the same suit. The player that takes at least as many tricks as the bid receives a score equal to the bid. Additional tricks (also called over tricks) are worth an extra .1 points. If the bid is no reached, the score is deducted from the starting bid. After 4 rounds, the scores are tallied to help players prepare for the final round. IN the final round, the winner and runner-up are declared.

Automated scoring is done by the Callbreak Multiplayer app

Extra Features

Among the most important features of the game is the automatic scoring. There are a lot of numbers and scores to keep track of in a game of Callbreak, but this app keeps it all in tally. It also keeps score of the bids, the extra bids, and under bids for the overall points. If you are not that comfortable playing with anyone yet, users can practice with Bots with a decent AI for the game. If you are ready, you can challenge random online players. Or challenge your friends on Facebook to game of Callbreak Multiplayer.

Conclusion for Callbreak Multiplayer

Despite all the rules in scoring, the game is actually easy once you get a hang of things. It is similar to the western game of Spades. When you are all familiar with the game, it takes just a few minutes to play an entire match. The gameplay is addicting when you get into the intricacies of not only trying to pull your tricks, but also in preventing other players to get theirs. The automation in scoring and the bots for practice are big features, but what sets this game apart from other card apps is the ability to challenge random online players or set up a match with your friends on Facebook.

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