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PlatformsAndroid 4.0.3 and up
Size75 MB
Latest Version4.3

Emperor and Beauties by Heyyogame takes you back to Ancient China where you play the role of an aspiring emperor and his journey in building a powerful dynasty. This type of role-playing game is not really uncommon and most of you have probably come across some notable mobile games that share the same concept. There’s “Be The King” by Chuang Cool and games like Legend of Empress, and Game of Sultans to name a few. Most of you have probably seen this game through their overwhelming number of misleading advertisements. Some of their ads will feature hilarious scenes between an emperor and his future wife. Unfortunately, none of these funny ads will reflect on the actual gameplay. We may not experience the kind of gameplay that we saw from their advertisements but the game still offers interesting RPG elements that are absolutely worth exploring.

Emperor and BeautiesThe Gameplay

Simple and surprisingly addictive. I guess this is how we can perfectly describe the Emperor and Beauties. It is a simple role-playing game incorporated with some strategy elements. Take note that this is not the kind of role-playing game where you set yourself in an epic adventure to defeat the dark forces and to bring your world back to its former glory. This game still tells a story but in a very different manner. The game will generally take you back in time. You play the role of a guy who came from a very poor family. As timed passed by, you managed to prove your worth, you fought valiantly in war and won. You saved the country and eventually became a regent. Now, it is all up to you on how you can make it on top and become a successful emperor of your own dynasty.

Interestingly, as what the title of the game suggests, Emperor and Beauties will not just focus on leadership but it will also highlight some romantic elements especially when it comes to your childhood sweetheart named Feng Xiaolian. You have to keep a perfect balance between your life as a ruler and as a lover. This is what the Emperor and Beauties is all about. As soon as the game starts, you will be prompted immediately to your main page. This page will give you all the access to various parts of the kingdom as well as ports to various features of the game that you must explore.

Emperor and BeautiesComplete Your Quests and Recruit More Retainers

The interface of the game can be a little bit confusing at first. You will be greeted with an overwhelming number of icons but when you get used to it, you can navigate the game with no ease.  You will never get lost as long as you follow your quest. You can access your quest log by tapping the Quest icon below the game screen but you can also see your current quest being flashed on the main screen. Tap the quest and it will prompt you to the correct place. In the entire course of this game, you will be asked to perform numerous tasks including asset management, winning territorial battles, promoting retainers, dealing with your wives, and increasing your power.

Speaking of Retainers, they are the people who will help you on your journey. Each retainer has its own duty to fulfill. Promoting them will make them more efficient in their respective fields. You can also upgrade their Aptitude and Star Level to gradually increase your power. The game also features a combat system but it is quite a little underwhelming. All battles are automated and it only features small animated troops in a simple 2D interface. It also comes with a Boss battle where you must select a retainer and deploy him in the battle.

Emperor and BeautiesPvP, Guild System, and Other Noteworthy Features

Emperor and Beauties also features multiplayer elements that can be accessed through PvP Arena. Here, you can dispatch your selected retainer and fight against other players worldwide. The game also features a Guild System. You can join an existing guild and build an ally. A guild can organize a massive guild war and you can also take advantage of some features that are exclusive only for guild members. As your rank increase, you will soon gain access to various places like Dojo, Conquest, Council, Palace, Tavern, Jail, and Trade. The main screen itself will feature an overwhelming number of icons. Those icons above the screen will take you to different events and reward systems.

Be mindful that Emperor and Beauties will take you to an ancient civilization and the game tries to capture everything from ancient China. This game may not be completely historically accurate but they managed to embrace some historical facts. The Marriage system in this game allows you to date multiple women and eventually have them as your wives. This marriage system is very common in feudal China where a ruler can be married to different women. You are allowed to develop a romantic relationship with them and you are also responsible for taking care of your offspring. This sounds polygamous but that how Ancient china’s marriage system works.

Emperor and BeautiesThe Verdict

Emperor and Beauties may not provide exactly what they advertised but the game is still worth exploring. What you will appreciate the most in this game is your character’s growth from being a loyal regent to a powerful Chinese emperor of ancient times. Appearance-wise, Emperor and Beauties is still a visual delight. It treats you with a beautiful oriental-inspired atmosphere with character designs that are merely inspired by the ancient Chinese civilization. It is also accompanied with well-fitting music. Overall, it is still a decent game. If you want to be on top of your game, you might consider spending money on it but if you just want to enjoy the journey, you are always free not to spend any. Currently, Emperor and Beauties is available for both Android and iOS devices and you can download this unique RPG for free. Good luck and have fun!

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