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PlatformsAndroid 5.0 and up
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Latest Version1.2.0

Becoming a wizard is absolutely challenging but managing an entire Wizard School is even more exhausting. Idle Wizard School takes you to an enchanting journey in which your main objective is to run a wizarding school and train as many wizards as you possibly can. For those who love the Harry Potter series, this game is definitely something you will enjoy. Idle Wizard School takes you to a unique idle game simulation where you train students to become great wizards, expand your school and explore different fields of magic. If you are up for an enchanting journey, feel free to explore Idle Wizard School and see what else this magical incremental game has to offer.

Idle Wizard SchoolThe Gameplay

Idle Wizard School comes with a very simple set of mechanics. It is an easily manageable idle game with a pretty straightforward rule. As what mentioned above, the objective here is to operate or run a wizard school. Although there are no direct references, this game is merely inspired by the Harry Potter series. It is safe to assume that the wizard school is derived from Hogwarts. Unlike games that are officially licensed with Harry Potter titles like the Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery or the new Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, Idle Wizard School comes with simple gameplay.

This is an incremental game which means that most features of the game work perfectly well even without the player’s interaction. Most part of the game comes with automated functions. Here’s how Idle Wizard School works. As soon as you start the game, it prompts you right away to your first wizard School. You start the game with a simple dormitory that will accommodate all incoming students. Located beside the dorm are the magical shops that allow you to earn money in a fixed time interval. Once you have earned enough, you can now start building other facilities which allow you to teach and train students and let them learn new spells and tricks.

Idle Wizard SchoolExpand Your Wizard School

The excitement of the game comes in when you start opening various classes. The first class you will ever open is the Herbalism class. This is followed by Incantation, Magic Wand, and many more. The game even comes with their own Quidditch-inspired class and also Dragon training. Much like most idle games, the upgrades play a crucial role in Idle Wizard School. Upgrading classes will generally improve the teaching quality and it will also bring more income to your school. By tapping each class, you can perform three forms of upgrades. You can upgrade the class to improve the quality of teaching and get more tuition, Hire Teachers to allow you to teach more students and Increase Salary to facilitate teaching speed.

Dormitory, on the other hand, should be upgraded on a regular basis to allow your school to accommodate more students. Students, by the way, will arrive from different locations. They can be transported by train or ship. Although you can do almost anything in this game, you might still want to complete the quests and earn valuable rewards. Most quests will ask you to upgrade classes and reach certain levels and you will be often granted with gems which serve as the game’s premium currency. From time to time, Snape will give you offer whether to accept incoming students by watching a reward video.

Idle Wizard SchoolOpen New Schools

Aside from the occasional offers, the game also features a dragon called Mysterion which will offer you some irresistible deals but you must watch reward videos in return. Mysterion can offer you a generous amount of gold coins and gems. Although it is often tempting and the game managed to cleverly input their adverts through such offers, I personally think that Idle Wizard School has become a vehicle for too many advertisements. It actually feels like almost every action in this game comes with a deal to watch videos. The good thing about it is the generous reward you can get in return which makes it a win-win situation for both developers and gamers.

Interestingly, when you have reached your first trillion income, the game will give you the option to open a new school in a new location. However, to open a new school means you have to reset your progress. You will lose all the upgrades and you will start back from the very beginning. The only thing that makes it more engaging is the fact that you will get a faster income compared to the previous school. Players can also take advantage of the booster cards which you can get by purchasing magical books. Simply access the Store and purchase the magic book using the premium gems. Booster cards will dramatically improve the production time and profit rate.

Idle Wizard SchoolThe Verdict

We may not get the amazing gameplay brought by the aforementioned Harry Potter mobile games but Idle Wizard School is definitely something worth exploring. It captures the wizarding world of Harry Potter. The game comes with simple yet colorful visuals and is accompanied by the iconic Harry Potter music which makes the game more enjoyable especially if you are a big Harry Potter fan. Idle Wizard School comes with an overwhelming number of ads but due to the generous rewards, you can somehow tolerate the frequency. You can also earn money even if you are in AFK (away from keyboard) mode. Overall, it is a great and pretentious idle game. Currently, Idle Wizard School is available for both Android and iOS devices and you can download the game absolutely for free. Have fun!

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