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PlatformsAndroid 4.1 and up
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Latest Version1.100.0

Temple Run is probably the first mobile game that gave endless running genre an all new concept. After its massive success, several game developers adapted the format and provided their own approach. Of all these games, Subway Surfers is probably the most successful. Developed by Kiloo, a Denmark-based company, Subway Surfers will take you to an epic endless running adventure. As what the title of the game connotes, the goal is to guide the character all through out the endless Subway and prevent the character from being caught. If you are familiar with any endless running mobile games, then you definitely how Subway Surfers works.

Subway SurfersThe Gameplay

Simple yet fun and incredibly addictive. I guess that is how you can perfectly describe the Subway Surfers. The mechanics are simple and easily manageable yet despite the apparent simplicity, the players are still encouraged to exert the best of their eye and hand coordination skills to maximize the winnings. Basically, here’s how the game works. You play the role of a young graffiti artist who was caught in the act by a police. Now, your goal is to escape and run through the endless Metro railway while preventing all the obstacles you will encounter along the way.

The game controls are very simple and it works the same way with other endless running mobile games. As soon as the character starts running, it will run automatically and the only actions you can manipulate is the ability to move on both sides, slide through or jump over obstacles. Obstacles are presented in various forms. You will encounter moving trains, hurdles and other moving mechanisms which you must prevent hitting at all costs. Otherwise, the game will come to a quick end and you have no other option but to start the game back from the very beginning.

Subway SurfersTake Advantage of the Power Ups

One of the most interesting elements of Subway Surfers is the overwhelming amount of power ups you can obtain along the way. These power ups have different effects that you can take advantage with. Magnet for example will give you the ability to collect all the coins along the way. The coins regardless of what lane they are will automatically be collected. Jetpack allows you to zoom into the sky and collect all coins without any obstacles. Same thing goes with Power Jumpers.

Multiplier, as what the term suggests, will multiply the coins you collected while Power Sneakers allows you to jump higher and overcome tall obstacles (even the moving trains). Just be mindful though that all power ups will only last for a short period of time.  You can also upgrade them from the shop to increase their frequency and also their duration. Players can also purchase boosters such as Score Booster and Mega Headstart from the shop before the run begins.

Subway SurfersHoverboards and New Characters

The game will not be called Subway Surfers for no reason. Interestingly, the character has the ability to surf through hoverboards. Hoverboards are like extra lives. Once you ride a hoverboard (by double tapping the screen), you can perform the same actions like sliding through obstacles or jumping over hurdles. If you get hit, the hoverboard will be destroyed but the character is still given another chance to run. Hoverboards are also customizable. You can unlock different skins as you progress or better yet purchase special items from the in-game shop.

Aside from the hoverboards, you can also unlock new characters. The characters can be unlocked in many different ways. Some can be unlocked through virtual currency, others are through premium (microtransaction) and others are by accomplishing certain tasks.

Subway SurfersVerdict

Subway Surfers is definitely one of the most addictive endless runner games to ever exist. It is colorful, fun and absolutely worth playing with. To top it all, the game is constantly being updated so it definitely has many other things to offer. Currently, Subway Surfers is available for both iOS and Android devices and you can download the game for free.

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