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PublisherGeorge Varga
PlatformsAndroid 4.1+; iOS 8.0+
Size27 MB
Latest Version2.14


Exion Hill Racing is a realistic racing game, racking up 10,000,000 downloads since its release by George Varga. One of the most important aspects of the game is understanding how the physics affects the movement of the vehicles. It can take some time accustoming to the physics, but it’s a crucial part of the game and is what makes the game challenging and addictive.

Although the game has been available to play since 2014, frequent updates keep the game refreshed with new levels. The most updated version now contains 30 exciting levels. Players can unlock these by completing the previous level, or by viewing a video ad.


The Gameplay

Controls are very simple. You have two buttons on either side of the screen; one for the left and one for the right. While in other games the controls are usually accelerate and brake, this is not the case for Exion Hill Racing. Instead, you can think of the buttons as acceleration in either left or right. Pressing and holding down the button, the car will gain in speed. To slow down players need only to release the button. That said, the vehicles do still have a slight traction by themselves even if you are not pressing on any buttons. Worth taking a note if you go afk!

Even though there are only two controls, it can become very difficult to curb the cars safely. The app can end up being quite challenging, perfect for those who seek mental stimulation. The game ends when the vehicle crashes terrain above a certain speed limit, and if the vehicle becomes stuck and cannot move anymore. You could experiment with this though – I managed to pull a 360 flip in the air, but a safe landing meant my game still continued!

Players need to drive across the screen to reach the end of the level, climbing hills and crossing bridges along the way. Sign posts will warn you before an obstacle pops up to give you time to prepare, and a progress bar shows how far into the level one is. The vehicle used for each level is different. Players therefore need to become acclimated to the new vehicle’s house power and sensitivity to acceleration.

Gold and Upgrades

At the moment the vehicle you drive is dependent on the level you’re playing, and players cannot own their own vehicles. You can however upgrade and adjust the levels of the vehicle’s engine, suspension and tires, and these upgraded stats will apply to all levels you attempt. All upgrades can be purchased using gold collected in-game; there is no currency which can be bought using real money.






An unimportant but neat feature is you have to hold down the “Buy” button to confirm your upgrades, to ensure players don’t accidentally spend their hard earnt gold. Simple but handy!

Graphics and Performance

The graphics in the game are decent fair, and the gameplay is smooth with no lagging. The only comment I would make is the graphics for the loading screen sticks out as quite pixelated compared to the rest of the app. 

Overall, a brilliant racing game Exion Hill Racing was fun and interesting to play. Download the app now!

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