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PlatformsAndroid 4.0 and up
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Latest Version1.0.4

It’s been a while since the last time we witnessed a decent Beat em Up mobile game. King of Fighting is probably one of the most overused titles in the Playstores today and all of them features the same concept. The legacy of SNK’s King of Fighters and Fatal Fury franchises can still be seen in most of the fighting games today. King of Fighting: Death Fight by Ivy is one of the new mobile games that embrace the classic beat em up gameplay but did they managed to give enough justice to it? In this game, you play the role of a novice fighter who will try to prove his worth by beating all foes and by reaching the top-most level of the place called Death Fight! If you are ready for one nostalgic gameplay, feel free to explore King of Fighting: Death Fight and see how far you can go.

King of fightingThe Gameplay

Interestingly, the game welcomes you with a simple cinematic introduction featuring your main character. King of Fighting: Death Fight comes with a very basic story of a novice fighter who decided to challenge himself to enter a dangerous place known as Death Fight. It takes you to a building with a seemingly endless number of floors to explore. The goal is to beat up all the foes that you will encounter along the way. Using your trusty set of skills, you must find yourself all the way to the top and defeat the boss Mr. Z to end his reign and prove them that you have what it takes to become the next King of Fighting.

The mechanics for this game are generally simple and easily manageable. However, just like most beat em up fighting games, the players are strongly encouraged to exert the best of their fighting skills (eye and hand coordination) to maximize their chances in winning. Here’s how the game works. As soon as you start the game, it prompts you right away to the first floor. You can move around the 2D screen using the virtual joypad. The hero comes with basic attacks and skills. You can attack your foes by tapping the skill buttons on the lower right corner of the game screen. Each skill requires a certain amount of Skill Points (SP). The level is cleared when all the enemies have been killed.

King of fightingUpgrades and Missions

The rate of difficulty for King of Fighting: Death Fight is drastically increasing as you progress. To cope up with enemies, it is very crucial to upgrade your heroes to improve all their basic attributes and also to enhance their skills. Simply head over to the main menu to access the Upgrade option. Tap the Upgrade button and select which category would you like to upgrade. Generally, there are three categories to choose from; Status, Skills, and Special. The Status is where you upgrade your basic attributes from Attack Rate (ATK) to Critical Chances (CRI). All upgrades require virtual cash except or Special upgrades which need Gold Bars (Premium Currency)

Skills will feature all the available skills that your character can use. The more you upgrade your skill, the more damage you can inflict to your enemies. Special Upgrades, on the other hand, will boost your character by providing more burst and combo damages. Since Upgrades requires money and premium currency, players can take advantage of the Missions. There are Daily Missions and Achievements to explore. Daily Missions are tasks you can complete on a daily basis and rewards you with Gold Bars while Achievements will give you a series of tasks to complete in exchange of virtual cash.

King of fightingUnlock More Heroes

Other interesting elements of King of Fighting: Death Fight are the unlockable characters. Jack is your default Hero but eventually, if you have earned enough gold bars, you can soon unlock other equally powerful characters. Currently, the game has four playable characters. Aside from Jack who is seemingly a master of Kung fu and melee combats, you can also unlock other heroes with different skillsets. Lisa is the only female character from the group is equipped with a powerful sword while Karl is a gun-wielding hero. Shin, on the other hand, is a ninja-like hero armed with weapons and powerful skills.

All heroes will vary in terms of their overall skills and attributes. Some heroes are made for melee attacks while others are capable of inflicting damage even from afar. Interestingly, if you do not have enough gold bars to purchase the character, the game provides a tryout to test the characters in action for a few training levels. Like most Beat em up games, King of Fighting: Death Fight also comes with numerous Boss Battles which are relatively more challenging than basic levels. Most bosses will either have enormous stamina or they will have strong abilities with great damage.

King of fightingThe Verdict

King of Fighting: Death Fight captured the classic and nostalgic beat em up game satisfyingly. They managed to give a decent tribute to the classic beat em up game with smooth controls and impressive character design. The game failed to provide emphasis on the story which could have made this game more engaging. Generally, King of Fighting: Death Fight is still a well-polished game that comes with interesting upgrade options. Appearance-wise, King of Fighting: Death Fight is an absolute visual delight which will surely remind you of the classic Beat em up game that we used to enjoy. Overall, it is a wonderful fighting game that is absolutely worth a download. Currently, this game is only available on Android devices and you can download it absolutely for free. Good luck and have fun!

Download King of Fighting: Death Fight

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