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PlatformsAndroid 3.0+; iOS 6.0+
Size915.2 MB
Latest Version4.0.0

Download War Robots APK for Android/iOS 1There is a niche in sci-fi games for mechs and mech battles. And War Robots has definitely covered that niche for mobile gaming. The game is mechanized warfare with bipedal robots commonly known as mechs with a wide selection of bots and weapons and even more combinations. The moment you start the game, you are immediately thrown in a battle arena with your first mech and you throw down with another group of robots as you empty your Gatling gun and fire all missiles to decimate your foe. War Robots action packed and very addicting.


War Robots Gameplay

The beauty of War Robots is in its simplicity. No complex storylines, no maps and ladders, and no cut scenes. Simply lock and load and open fire at the nearest opposing robot. The controls of the game are also fairly simple to master. Movement and firing are standard, but aiming the crosshairs while firing can be difficult at the start. There is an added element of airtime with mechs that have the jump ability. Surprisingly, there are robots have the ability to leap quite high and far. Mobility is important when you are in the crosshairs of another armed robot.

A war robot firing its guns with in-game action

At the start you can play these battles with AI as you collect in-game currency to buy more robots, upgrade your parts, and pimp your bot with numerous designs. But the best part of War Robots is the PVP feature, which allows you to play 6 versus 6 in real time against real players. This is where it gets interesting as strategy, placing, and mobility become an important part of the battle. It is definitely the most fun you can have with the game.

Gameplay of War Robots with a mech in action

Game Visuals

In the mobile gaming platform, War Robots has among the best graphics and visuals. The views during battle and the attention to detail to the mechs are incredible. The map is crisp and clear, and the targeting system on your robot lets you know where your opponents are or where your allies are. There are very detailed maps available for solo and multiplayer games. To fully appreciate the robots of the game, you can visit the hangar and view all the mech in detailed 3D.

A 3D view of one of the mechs in the game

War Robots Features

War Robots’ main appeal is the army of robots you have access to. And you get a ton of them as you progress through the game. There are a total of 39 robots, each with their own strength and weaknesses. There are also 40 different types of weapons including missiles, guns, energy and plasma weapons, and many more. This allows for creativity in creating different combination robots and weapons. Then of course, there is the customization, where you can choose the paint and design of your mech robot.  You can also upgrade to improve your robot’s strength, speed, and durability.

The Hanger, where the mechs or robots of the game are displayed


All in all War Robots delivers on the simplest terms of playing with robots in an battle arena. If you like mechs and piloting fully armed robots then this game is the one for you. If you are not familiar with mechanized warfare but you enjoy a good shoot ‘em up game, then you can still appreciate this beautifully rendered and thrilling mobile game. For a mobile game, the graphics are impressive, and the robots and weapons that you have at your disposal can lead to hours of gaming. It is definitely a home run for Pixonic.

Download War Robots APK for Android/iOS 2

Download War Robots APK for Android/iOS

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