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PublisherClassic Puzzle Block Game
PlatformsAndroid 4.1 and up
Size11 MB
Latest Version1.3.2

Block Puzzle is possibly one of the rapidly emerging puzzles games on the mobile market today. Unlike the classic Falling Block puzzle genre where this game is obviously inspired by, these games are notable for simplified gameplay. You can actually spot so many games of similar titles and they all work the same. Wood Block Puzzle by Classic Puzzle Block Game is not different from any of them at all. It’s a classic block puzzle game with the same rules, the same mechanics and the same objectives. The only thing that makes this game special is the stunning rustic theme. Surprisingly, despite being common, there is really something about block puzzle games that players can’t resist. The simplicity of the puzzle has become the game’s greatest strength.

Wood Block PuzzleThe Gameplay

Wood Block Puzzle is a simple yet fun and entertaining block puzzle game that takes you to a progressive gameplay. The main objective is to get the highest score as possible and to do so, you must clear as many tiles as you possibly can from the board. Generally, the mechanics for Wood Block Puzzle are simple and easily manageable. Unlike the classic falling block puzzle, you are no longer dealing with descending puzzle pieces. As soon as the game begins, it will prompt you right away to the standard 8×8 Grid. The board is initially empty. Under the playing area is a separate panel showcasing three randomly generated puzzle pieces.

Generally, the game will feature a lot of notable elements that are merely inspired by the classic Tetris. The puzzle pieces, for example, are inspired by the classic tetrominoes and they will all vary in sizes with 3×3 block as the largest and the single tile being the smallest puzzle piece. Simply tap and drag the puzzle piece on the board and try to form a straight line either horizontally or vertically to clear them off the grid. Form lines as many as possible and make sure to leave enough spaces for other puzzle pieces, otherwise, the game will come to a quick end and you have no other option but to start back from the very beginning. Better establish an effective strategy to maximize your winnings.

Wood Block PuzzleClassic Block Puzzle

Wood Block Puzzle captures everything you can expect from a classic block puzzle game. It’s a very simple game with a straightforward rule and objective. One of the notable challenges in this game is the randomly-generated puzzle pieces. Take note that the game will only provide three puzzle pieces at a time. These are randomly generated pieces and there is no other way to manipulate or control the results. The only way you can get a new batch is by dragging all the puzzles pieces on the board.

It means that you have to visualize the board carefully and strategically drag the puzzle pieces on the board. Once you drop the puzzle piece on the board, you can no longer rearrange it so better establish an effective strategy before making any move. Good thing, this game has no time limit so you can spend as many time as you want without being pressured. The game also allows you to create combos and earn bigger scores. You can strategically pile up the tiles and wait for one perfect piece that will allow you to eliminate multiple lines in just one move. The more lines you remove, the higher the score you will get.

Wood Block PuzzleAmazing Rustic Theme

The game will not be called Wood Block Puzzle for no reason. Of course, one of the most interesting highlights of this game is its stunning rustic atmosphere. Wood Block Puzzle welcomes you with a visually striking wooden or rustic theme. Both the board and the wooden tiles are complementing wonderfully to each other and it feels like you are playing some classic tabletop board games.  The stunning theme is even accompanied by soothing music and well-fitting audio effects which makes this game even more enjoyable.

Other noteworthy features of Wood Block Puzzle is the scoreboard. The game records your personal best which gives the game a remarkable replay value as players will try their best to beat their own score. The game doesn’t have a leaderboard system though, an element that could have made this game even more engaging. Despite that, this game notably showcasing ads in a moderate manner. It doesn’t pop up very frequently and they lend a small space below the screen to show the adverts. To top it all, this game works perfectly well even without an Internet connection.

Wood Block PuzzleThe Verdict

There are so many block puzzle games on the mobile market today and choosing one for your mobile could be a challenge. If you are looking for a simple block puzzle game that features nothing more but the classic gameplay, Wood Block Puzzle is truly a great catch. Appearance-wise, the game offers a stunning rustic theme that is complemented by a well-fitting audio effect. They could have added a piece of relaxing background music though to set the mood perfectly. The game also works well even without an Internet connection which allows you to play Wood Block Puzzle anytime and anywhere you want. It is also light enough that it won’t consume much of your phone storage. Currently, this game is available only for Android devices and you can download this addictive puzzle absolutely for free!

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