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Baseball Boy! Game Review

PublisherVoodoo Games
PlatformsAndroid 3.0+; iOS 6.0+
Size141.3 MB
Latest Version1.7.1

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Baseball Boy! is the latest sports casual arcade game that came out of Voodoo Games. It is very simple but addicting game that focuses on the theme of a batter hitting the baseball as far as he possibly can. It may sound derivative and simple, but once you get the basics of this game, it will be hard to put down your mobile device. There’s nothing like making contact with a baseball and watching it soar over the stadium. In this case, it’s over a city wide landscape.


Baseball Boy! Gameplay

The gameplay for Baseball Boy! is as easy and simple as they come. The goal of the game is to hit the ball as far as you can. There is swing meter that swings back and forth. Tap anywhere on the screen and that’s the direction that you will hit the ball. Hitting the ball dead center is the best shot on the meter and it hits the ball the hardest and allows it to smash through obstacles in its path (more on that in a bit). When you hit the middle part of the meter, it will get a “perfect” animation and Baseball Boy! hits it in slow motion gusto. There is some strategy in the game with letting the ball bounce on the right time and in the right place. Timing it right could add meters more to your total distance.

Baseball Boy teeing up for a shot

The field where you hit the ball isn’t an empty landscape but a sprawling city. There are many obstacles that can hinder the distance of your hit ball including cars, buildings, signs, trees, and may other man-made things. The best spot to hit your ball through is right down the middle because it gives it an extra power needed to smash through obstacles such as cars and signs. Each ball you hit gives you in game cash. The longer the ball goes the more you get as a prize. When you break marks (500 meters, 1000 meters, 3000 meters and so on) you can level up. The in game currency can be used to level up strength, speed, bouncing ability, and offline earnings.

The baseball sailing across the city

Baseball Boy! Features

As you progress through the game you gain access to several other upgrades that you can apply to Baseball Boy! and his gear. Among the many things you can change is the bat that Baseball Boy! uses. This can range from anything including a frying pan, a katana sword, a plunger, a banana, a fish, and even a rubber chicken. You can also upgrade the ball into other hittable spheres including a disco ball, a pool table 8-ball, a basketball, and a bowling ball. These are unlocked as you level up through playing the game.

Upgrading your bats in the game


Despite having a relatively simple concept, the game is very addicting and appealing for mobile gamers. For a baseball game where it is literally impossible to miss on any pitch, you would think that things can get boring and repetitive, but there is something about hitting the ball as far and as hard as you can and watching it sail across town. There are also strategic elements in choosing the right angle, bouncing it correctly, and mixing and matching your upgrades for the best possible swing. It’s an addictive and fun arcade game that mobile gamers are sure to enjoy.

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