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One of the biggest franchises to come out of this decade is easily that of Minecraft. Companies all over the world have a desire to emulate the game’s blockbuster success. It’s spawned countless clones all across mobile devices, and there are fellow imitators like Cube Creator and Battleminer that provide their own versions of Minecraft‘s gameplay. Of all the games that try to capitalize on Mojang’s immensely popular title, however, Portal Knights is probably the best one that’s managed to make the formula into its own. After all, it does more than act like just another Minecraft.

What makes Portal Knights tick is its ability to incorporate a variety of different ways to get players engrossed into a story. This is while the game is still an open-world adventure that anyone can build or destroy to their heart’s content. That level of freedom, combined with that level of substance, makes for a delicious combo when put all together.

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And what an adventure Portal Knights proves to be! It’s such a beautiful looking game, too. Although blocky like the many Minecraft clones before it, Portal Knights is great at making everything look lush and grand. It’s like looking at a LEGO world come to life before your eyes. You get to explore every inch of this world, too!

Plenty of things happen in the world as well. You can fight bad guys with a set of weapons you could craft or find. You could partake in the main campaign with a buddy and play through the game together. Probably best of all is the sheer amount of exploration you’d be able to enjoy here. I’m probably hampering on this a lot, but it’s only because it’s just that hugely fun to do in this game. Portal Knights makes its exploration feel so immersive and ginormous.

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In fact, this was actually originally a console game. Portal Knights could also be found on recent systems like the Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4, but seeing it run on mobile hardware is all the more impressive considering its massive scale. Who would have ever thought such a tiny screen would be capable of producing such an vast experience? It’s amazing how far mobile technology has come over the years to create these stunning results. Ten years ago, I never would’ve imagined this is where we would be.

Graphical prowess wouldn’t mean anything if the game is not fun, however. Fortunately for all of us, Portal Knights is fun in all the right places and then some. I can only implore that you give this one a shot. Portal Knights is sure to last long in the market for years, or even decades, to come. With all the influences it borrows from Minecraft, it builds upon them in ways that forms an identity of its own. Anyone can enjoy this game, but Minecraft players will especially love Portal Knights for how much fresher it is.

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