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PublisherBandai Namco Entertainment Europe
PlatformsAndroid 3.0+; iOS 6.0+
Size49 MB
Latest Version1.2.1.1263

The Katamari series has proven to be a hit among fans of Namco’s games. Rolling up a ball that can attach to literally anything depending on its size has an appeal that’s not often seen in any other game series. The franchise debuted on the Playstation 2, but has since grown to be a name on mobile devices and the Nntendo DSi. This Android release in particular takes the series in a different direction. As you can probably tell, it turns the game into an endless runner not unlike the many already present on Google Play.

Download Amazing Katamari Damacy APK for Android/iOS 1

It certainly is a colorful and charming game, without a doubt. However, Amazing Katamari Damacy falls short of expectations due to how closely it apes a formula that’s already been aped a million times over. The thing with Katamari is that it’s a series that found its own identity from the moment it debuted. It was a new, exciting puzzle series that offered a unique hook. Why, then, are we going to this style? Katamari can easily fit onto mobile device in its original gameplay formula. In fact, there was an iOS release that did exactly that. Which, of course, makes this all more baffling.

The endless runner gameplay in Amazing Katamari Damacy simply takes away that identity the franchise obtained in the first place. Why fix what isn’t broken? It honestly makes no sense to me. I’d love to see a new Katamari game on Android that plays just like traditional Katamari, rather than whatever nonsense this is. It’s disappointing that this is the only taste of the series Android players have ever gotten. Don’t let this be your first Katamari game. It’s not a Katamari game. It’s a game with characters from Katamari, but it’s not a Katamari game.

You might think I’m being harsh or putting this game down a little too much. But come on, what would you rather see on Google Play? Would you want to see an endless runner based off a series or would you want to see an actual entry in the series right there? Imagine if Sonic Dash was the only Sonic game available on Google Play, while the iOS gets Sonic 4: Episode 2. That is pretty much what is happening here. It’s a real shame that they haven’t given Google Players the real deal.

Download Amazing Katamari Damacy APK for Android/iOS 2

So…yeah. I can’t say I recommend this one all that much. It just isn’t what the fans want. It’s a trend chaser trying to chase a trend that’s been over for at least a few years before its release. You know, instead of being a new entry in the series it freaking hails from. It’s rather saddening to see such a great series get this sloppy of a treatment. It doesn’t help anybody except Namco because they know they can make money off of the game’s microtransactions somehow. That’s probably all there is to its purpose around here.

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Download Amazing Katamari Damacy APK for Android/iOS

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