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PublisherSubatomic Studios, LLC
PlatformsAndroid 5.0+
Price$5 – $100
Size84.17 MB
Latest Version1.0.15.5

Initially, only Android users have access to this lively exclusive game. However, subatomic studios made an upgrade to ensure there is no restriction of access to this gameplay. And as a result of this upgrade, every player is only a download away. If you need a break from stress, Fieldrunners is just the game for you.


The gameplay is a simple but engaging one. Thus, it is a fieldrunner series based on defensive plot. Your part as a player is to amass the ultimate army as you strive to defend your kingdom. Thereupon, train your heroes and fight for victory and spoils of war.

Download Fieldrunners Attack! MOD APK for Android 1This is how it works, other rival players from across the world are the enemies. Their sole intention is to loot and tear apart your empire. Particularly, you recruit heroes to keep the peace and protect yours. Your heroes are soldiers, at the beck and call of your manual control. The specialty of the game is that you have the power to create your personalized strategies.Download Fieldrunners Attack! MOD APK for Android 2

In this game, possessions help you renovate structures. Thereby increasing the strength of your heroes, i.e. the more you build, the stronger they become.

The game system enables smooth change of location of buildings thereby laying the smart trap for the enemy. When you download Fieldrunners Attack mod apk, you control by making use of variety. In fact, your building takes different shapes; archers, tanks, guards, etc. All of these make up your fortress.


  • The game features over 60 campaign missions with different
  • It fosters connection and promotes friendship all over the World.
  • You gain help from neighboring kingdoms ruled by other players to win and destroy. Your very own reinforcements.

Download Fieldrunners Attack! MOD APK for Android 3

  • The musical background makes the game much more accommodating and attractive.
  • Also, tactical attacks through the enemy’s base are shown in real time.
  • Your kingdom is flexible, and your resources make for a solid However, you can upgrade your soldier and improve on each technique.
  • Connect with your friends while crossing milestones and ravaging loots.
  • Harness your soldiers’ skill set by Gatling, cannon and flame towers.
  • Your resources are often adaptable and transformable against any threat.
  • Furthermore, you can use the gems collection to purchase newer upgrades for buildings, unit, and Thus, collect as many superheroes (such as Tactical Sniper, Assault hero, Cluck Norris, etc.) as you can. Hold onto your helmets and download Fieldrunners Attack mod apk

Graphics design

The game has a simple but exquisite graphics design. It’s as real as you are, totally live-like, beautiful, colorful and fun. It’s intense and yet an addictive game. Download Fieldrunners Attack mod apk and join the fun.

Download Fieldrunners Attack! MOD APK for Android 4

Conclusively, my friends all over the world have built a resilient pact to help each other complete a mission. The weapon bases are totally reliable, and each win earns you many titles.

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