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I Am Warrior Review

PublisherXIJI Games
PlatformsAndroid 3.0+; iOS 6.0+
Size238.5 MB
Latest Version1.0.8

Logo for the game I am Warrior

I Am Warrior is a simple yet enjoyable game based on the viral stick figure fighting animation by XIJI game studios. This is the third installment from the XIJI game series (with “I am Archer” and “I am Wizard” the previous games), where you role-play in a horizontal style adventure as a powerful warrior. The linear style of XIJI is once again highlighted with a few added features to make the experience more appealing and interesting for the mobile gaming audience.


I am Warrior Gameplay

Like the previous games, the controls for I am Warrior is simple. You travel in a horizontal line and face your enemies with your swords. There is an attack button on the right screen along with a jump button. The left side controls the movement for left and right. The special attacks are also found on the right side of the screen. As you progress, you get more powerful and unlock stronger special attacks and skills.

The warrior charging the battlefield

As you progress through the horizontal adventure, you fill up a bar at the middle of the screen with every foe you vanquish. When the bar is full, you can sound the horn and call in reinforcements. You can actually edit the types of troops that you get as reinforcements, from swordsmen, archers, to Spartan warriors with spears. The types of troops you can summon are unlocked as you progress through the game. At the end of each line is a stone sculpture that you have to break to win the battle.

Army versus army to protect the stone sculpture

I am Warrior Features

The game features a menu where you can unlock and select the troops to call in as reinforcements. You get the basic swordsmen at first, then archers, then Spartans. Eventually you will have access to cavalry, catapults, cannons, giants, and even a dragon. Players can arrange how these troops are called in with every battle. They can upgrade their battle stats of each of the troop types as well. There is also a hero menu where you can upgrade the skills and abilities and upgrade the weapons and armor of your Warrior. It’s a fairly simple yet enjoyable part of building your army and your hero for adventures.

Hero upgrades

Also in the menu is the “Embattle” section, which lets you choose the troops that you get with every sound of the horn and in what order they are summoned. You can get as many as 8 groups to come in as reinforcements, once you have unlocked all the necessary levels. There is the usual in-game purchase menu where you can get diamonds and upgrade your hero and troops faster.

Choosing your troops for battle


The game I am Warrior is a simple and enjoyable game from XIJI. As the third game in the franchise, players will know what to expect from the gameplay and the system. However, there are also other additional features and elements that have not been featured in the previous games. The battles and troops get more complicated as you move through the game. Troop assignments and summon order become a strategic part of the game. I am Warrior is a simple adventure game with great action and a lot of hack and slash fun.

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