Battle Brothers review – An Innovative Mix of Medieval Life Simulator and Turn-based Strategy

PublisherOverhype Studios
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Latest Version1.3.0.12

Battle Brothers expertly combines the extreme freedom of the greatest medieval simulators with engrossing turn-based combat.

Battle Brothers review - An Innovative Mix of Medieval Life Simulator and Turn-based Strategy 1

Battle Brothers offers you the freedom and flexibility to create a place for yourself in its medieval world.

Fans of a certain medieval life simulator called Mount & Blade might want to have a good, hard look at Battle Brothers. Just like Mount & Blade, Battle Brothers drops you into a medieval sandbox and constantly puts you in situations where you’ll have to make important, world-changing decisions. Not only is it freeing in the way only Mount & Blade was, its systems also allows for the same level of procedural storytelling that had us recounting our exploits to family and friends.

Unlike Mount & Blade, Battle Brothers combat is turn-based and plays out on a board. It’s reminiscent of old strategy classics like Panzer General where each confrontation plays out like an asymmetrical game of chess on an uneven board. We’ll be the first to admit the visuals are offputting at first, though with some time invested you learn to navigate its interface, and the potential for the combat system really becomes clear. As the armies grow and you explore the world map, you become proficient enough to manage multiple campaigns that span the entire continent.

Battle Brothers review - An Innovative Mix of Medieval Life Simulator and Turn-based Strategy 2

Battle Brothers’ map is massive.

Battle Brothers Warrior of the North game has a medieval theme. Where we will lead a small army, trying to survive in a variety of ways, ranging from fighting or trading.

On the campaign menu we will select “Company Origin” which will determine what kind of character the Company we want right. Each company also has their own specialization, depending on what we want to play this game like. There are more than eleven Company origin that we can play on the campaign menu.

Like the Mount And Blade game in the Battle Brothers game, we will be able to walk on a large map, meet bandits, or just make money by carrying out missions that we can take in the cities contained on the map. We can also contract soldiers or militia to the city.

These warriors have different backgrounds, ranging from barbarians, butchers, crusaders, deserter, to fishermen and many more. each character has his own status, and his own personality. we must choose our troops very carefully, the backround and perks of each character will determine life and death when fighting later. We can upgrade the equipment of these soldiers. They can also gain experience through battle.

Equipment in this Battle Brothers game is very important. Each equipment has a different effect, for example a mace weapon can create a stun effect. In the game Battle Brothers do not know the class system like other Tactical games, but we can determine what type of soldiers we have with the weapons they have. Therefore, the equipment here is very crucial, the better your equipment, the stronger your character.

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The combat in Battle Brothers is excellent and addictive.

The battle system in Battle Brothers uses a turn base system. Characters that die in battle will not be able to be revived (unless they become undead). Battle Brothers also implements a fatigue system that limits how often your troops can jump into battle, adding another layer of strategy and a soft limit to EXP and item farming. Every weapon and movement will also increase fatigue, soldiers with large weapons and heavy armor will fatigue faster, whereas soldiers with lighter weapons will get less fatigue.

There are also several factions that can interact with us. These factions will react depending on how we play this game, we can be friends or opponents.

Graphic in the game Battle Brothers can be said to be very minimal, even so this game will be very exciting and worthy for you to play. Battle that is somewhat difficult with a system of fatigue, injured and permanent death will add to the difficulty in Battle Brothers.

The Verdict
Battle Brothers review - An Innovative Mix of Medieval Life Simulator and Turn-based Strategy 4

Battle Brothers is a game that brings together all kinds of gameplay elements, creating a compelling adventure title that is full of interesting choices and a refreshing level of freedom. Yes, it's a work-in-progress, so at this early stage you'll have to deal with the various bugs and random crashes. However, if you're willing to take the leap, you'll find a solid RPG game that only stands to improve with updates.

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