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Normally, in every Zombie games, these brain-eaters are often depicted as a grave threat that can wipe out humanity. Interesting, this newest offering from Deca Games will show us a different concept about zombies. Zombie Catchers is a unique zombie game that takes you to a crazy and fun-filled adventure. The planet Earth was infested by zombies but two business-minded aliens arrived to save humanity from extinction and also to earn money at the same time.  Alien buddies A.J and Bud decided to build a shop that caters a wide range of products for humans. Little did they know, these products are made from the zombies which both hunt down and kill.

Zombie CatchersThe Gameplay

Zombie Catchers is generally simple, fun and surprisingly tricky. It follows a simple set of mechanics and will take you to two different phases of gaming. The first phase is managing the Fresh And Squeezed Shop owned by AJ and Bud. In this phase, the customers will line up and your job is to serve them the freshly squeezed juices. It is also interesting to note that no interaction will be made in this process as the customers will queue up automatically. The only thing you must pay attention to is the supply. Going down the basement of the shop is the Zombie juicer. This is where you place the zombies you captured and juice them through a special pumping machine.

The second phase is where most action will take place. The player will be prompted into the Swamp. This is where the zombies are lurking and hiding. In order to lure the zombies, you must throw some brains nearby. Once they show up, you must immediately catch them with your hook. In Zombie Catchers, you can freely move around the 2D side-scrolling screen. Just prevent the zombies from escaping, otherwise, you will fail to reach your target goal.

Zombie CatchersUpgrades and Missions

In order to progress in Zombie Catchers, you must successfully complete your missions. Accomplishing them will provide you experiences and once you have earned enough, you will gain a new level which allows you to unlock more items which are necessary to upgrade your shop or your zombie catcher machine. Upgrades are necessary for this game to meet certain demands as you progress. Customers will soon ask for a new menu and serving them could be a great challenge. In order to meet these demands, you must be able to upgrade your pumping machine or better yet unlock another machine to maximize your production.

The same thing goes with the Zombie Catcher machine. Different variety of zombies will appear on the swamp soon. Some of them are strong enough to withstand the normal zombie catcher hook. In order to catch them, you should upgrade the machine including the zombie catcher tool and as well as the overall zombie catcher machine capacity.

Zombie CatchersDifferent Zombies

Another interesting element of Zombie Catchers is the constantly evolving zombies. Initially, you will be dealing with normal and mostly weak zombies that you can instantly catch in one shot. However, the rate of difficulty in this game will drastically increase as you progress. You will soon encounter different forms or types of zombies which can only be caught using a special tool or with a certain amount of hits. Some zombies especially the protected ones should be hit twice or more to capture them. There are zombies that can only be caught with special tool catcher which requires you to upgrade your machine.

You can upgrade and customize your character by accessing the Shop from the main menu. From the Shop Menu, you have the option to upgrade equipment and improve its attributes (power and rope length) or better yet purchase a new and powerful one. You can also purchase costumes for AJ by accessing the Extras Menu. Players can also unlock new “Squeezers” from the Shop. You buy items using Gold coins that you earn from selling squeezers. Plutonium, on the other hand, is considered as the game’s premium form of currency.

Zombie CatchersThe Verdict

Zombie Catchers is truly an entertaining game. It is not your typical zombie game which makes Zombie Catchers absolutely worth exploring for a new gaming experience. Overall, it is a simple game that is fun and absolutely addictive. Zombie Catchers is available to download for both Android and iOS devices and you can have it on your mobile for free. Good luck and let your epic zombie catching adventure begins!

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