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download Sonic Runners AdventureIf we are going to list down video game characters that are considerably iconic and legendary, it is impossible not to see Sonic The Hedgehog on the list! Back in 1991, Sonic the Hedgehog is born and has become Sega’s most successful games ever. Today, younger generation of gamers is still well-familiar with Sonic after the series expands to numerous sequels, spin-offs and even cartoon adaptation. The most recent addition to the franchise is Sonic Mania which is playable through Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One. For mobile gamers, they can download Sonic Runners Adventure!

Following the success of Sonic Runners in 2015, Sonic Runners Adventure will take you to another epic journey. It captures everything we enjoy from a classic Sonic The Hedgehog game. The Mario-esque platforms, the collectible rings and many more! As usual, Dr Eggman is still the main antagonist in this game. The goal is to stop him in his treacherous plans and you have to overcome a series of challenging levels. If you are a big fan of Sonic, you should definitely download Sonic Runners Adventure on your mobile.

download Sonic Runners AdventureThe Gameplay

The mechanics of the game are very simple and easily manageable. It takes you to a series of challenging levels with varying range of difficulties. Although the game is highly considered as an Endless Runner, this platformer is done in a level by level basis. You can clear a level if you meet all the requirements or at least one of them. In each level, you have three goals to achieve and each on corresponds to a number of Star you earn.

The game might ask you to collect certain amount of rings, defeat a number of enemies and many more. Take note that you can only unlock the next level if you complete at least one of the goals. Controls are not really challenging but still tricky. Sonic will run automatically as the game starts and the only action you can manipulate is the ability to jump.

You collect rings along the way or kill enemies along the way. Aside from enemies, you will also encounter a lot of traps and mechanisms you should avoid. You must prevent the character from falling into pits too. Luckily, the game will give you another chance to continue but you must pay for rings in return. The amount of rings you need to revive the character will exponentially increase. The level ends when you reach the finish line but if you failed to complete any of the goal, you might have to retry.

download Sonic Runners AdventureUnlock New Maps

One of the things you will greatly enjoy when you download Sonic Runners Adventure is the large number of maps.  Players can dash through 4 iconic locations including the Green Hill, Desert Ruins, Lava Mountain and Sky Santuary. Each level features dynamically changing scenery with increasing rate of difficulties. A level will feature an overwhelming amount of insane obstacles. Of course, you’ll encounter those iconic loops too.

Speaking of levels, another noteworthy feature you’ll find if you download Sonic Runners Adventure is the variety of levels. There are 3 variety of levels in the game; Looped, Finite and Infinite. Finite are levels with one finish line while Looped takes you to several laps. It means that you will pass through the same series of platforms numerous times. Infinite , on the other hand, is where the endless running comes in.  Also take note that you cannot access a new map if you do not have enough Stars. This feature provides the game a remarkable replay value.

download Sonic Runners AdventureUnlock New Characters

Sonic is not the only character in this game! The iconic character is accompanied by his friends and they are all playable. In fact, the characters will vary in terms of their special skills and abilities. Characters will come in different variety; Speed, Fly and Power. Each of them has their own specialty that you can take advantage of. Characters are also categorized based on the team they belong including Hero, Dark and Chaotix.

Characters include Tails, Knuckles, Espio, Charmy , Vector, Shadow, Rouge and Omegae. To top it all, you can also accompany your character with “Buddies”. They are small and adorable buddies who can increase your characters skills and attributes. A character can equip a maximum of 2 buddies for each run. To make your character more efficient, you can purchase and equip them with Booster items. You can use Magnets to attract nearby rings or Invincibility for additional protection.


Sonic Runners Adventure will absolutely relive the classic game. It features a visually stunning environment but still captures the old-school atmosphere. The game however is not Free but definitely worth a download. It has a decent replay value and most of all, the game can be played offline! I think Gameloft managed to give this game a justice.

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