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PublisherGrace Games Studio
PlatformsAndroid 3.0+; iOS 6.0+
Size34 MB
Latest Version1.1

Ever wanted to emulate the experience of driving a city coach on your mobile phone? As a matter of fact, City Coach Bus Simulator 2018 is interesting tourist transportation bus driving game! City Coach Bus Simulator 2018 provides realistic maps, incredible vehicles and high-quality graphics of real bus simulator that will make you feel like as close to driving a real bus as the smartphone technology can handle.

The coaches featured in the game will be able to teach you to drive a real coach across different scenarios. For example, the tourist transportation coach takes people from a city to another also show them amazing places and landscapes and drop them to their particular destinations. Tourist coach bus has smooth controls, realistic vehicle physics, and challenging gameplay, too.

The tourist bus drive simulation starts from a city and travel through hills, rivers and green lands cities and highways. Get ready to be a public transporter bus driver as many passengers will be waiting for you at bus stations; as the driver, you will have to carry them to their destinations. Like so, interesting title has challenging missions to improve your driving skills.

Get ready to buckle up and fasten your seat belts to begin your public bus transportation games career. Be sure to master your driving skills while driving on the US off roads in this comprehensive game. This is the kind of game that includes next-gen graphics will make this bus game the best on the market! I recommend this game for people that are willing to get behind the wheel.

To say nothing of the inexpensive price and the amount of content the game, it will appeal to the audience it seeks. Not to mention, the game is a shining diamond in the sea of Google Play games that continues to be crowded with games of its kind thanks to its balance of immersive gameplay and realistic simulation. Be careful out there, and give it the best you can do, too!

Download City Coach Bus Simulator 2018 APK for Android/iOS

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