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PlatformsAndroid 5.0 and up
Size20 MB
Latest Version3.9.0

There is a bunch of photo-editing software in the market today but the craze over the new FaceApp is simply overwhelming. Interestingly, FaceApp is more than just your typical photo-editing app. It is not just an app where you can apply beauty effects and other eye-catching filters. Instead, FaceApp allows you to manipulate your photos and turn them into a professional-looking masterpiece.  Yes, you don’t need any advanced Photoshop skills to make yourself look younger or older because the app can transform your pictures into your desired look in just a few taps. Let us take a deeper look at this app and see what else FaceApp has to offer.

faceappUser-Friendly Interface

FaceApp comes with a user-friendly interface that most users will appreciate. As soon as you open the app, it prompts you the Photo Gallery right away. The app will display four Demo photos and as well as your current Photo Gallery. Located below the screen are three tabs for Camera, Photos, and Celebrities. Tap the Camera button to access your phone’s camera. You have to position your face correctly before you proceed with the photo editing options. If you have a photo in your gallery that you wish to edit, simply tap the Photo and select your preferred photo.

Celebrities button allows you to search for public photos of your favorite celebrities from the web. It gives you access to both local and international personalities and most of the curated results are in high definition. After selecting your preferred photo, the app will process it so all your facial features can be recognized by the system for editing purposes. If not recognized, you might have to select another photo. Once done, FaceApp will prompt you to its Editor page where you can start applying various effects and filters.

faceappAmazing Effects and Filters

FaceApp’s Editor page gives you access to an overwhelming number of effects and filters that you can freely apply to your photo. Take note that FaceApp can be downloaded for free but the free version comes with a limited number of filters and effects that you can apply. To top it all, the finished product will have a watermark on the lower right by default. Nevertheless, the Free version of FaceApp can still provide decent results. Some of the Editing tools include MakeUp, Smiles, Gender, Hairstyles, Hair Colors, Age, Sizes, Glasses, Morphing, Beards, Filters, Background, Lens Blur, Overlay, Vignette, Tattoo, Adjustments, and Crop.

Upgrading your Account to Pro will provide you access to the rest of the filters as well as Impressions that allow you to change your facial expressions. Also, upgrading your FaceApp account will eliminate the watermark. Aside from the Editor, the app also gives you access to “Fun” that features random photo filters that you can instantly apply. For the free version, you only get a cropped copy of your photo along with the watermark but the Pro version will give you the full-sized copy. Layouts, on the other hand, allows you to put all the filtered photos in one collage.

faceappGender Swap and Age Filters

What really makes FaceApp stood out is its amazing Gender Swap filter. It’s exactly what people are crazy about. FaceApp’s Gender Swap filter literally works like a gem. As what the term suggests, the Gender Swap filter allows you to manipulate photos by swapping genders. A male photo can transform to female and vice versa. It’s like the popular Gender swapping filter of Snapchat but instead of video, you’ll be provided by still images. Interestingly, this filter is more than just adding hair or mustaches to swap between two genders. The results are seemingly professionally done as if they were edited using Photoshop.

It is interesting to note that all Age and Gender Swap filters are available for free. They do not come with the Pro version that allows everyone to use these filters at full extent. Each gender has two variants for both Male and Female while Age Filters come with five variants (Young 1,2,3, Old, and Cool Old).  Once you are satisfied with the result, you can also enhance the photo with other after-edit effects. You can change the background, apply Lens Blur, Overlay, Vignette, or use the Adjustment tools to make your photo more appealing. Once done, tap the Save button on the upper right corner to save the photo to your Phone Gallery. You can also share the result on your social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more.

faceappThe Verdict

With so many photo-editing apps on the market, it is quite hard to pick one that can provide you with a satisfying result. FaceApp is simply beyond expectations. The Gender Swap and Age Filters are the greatest strength of this application and they are quite hard to replicate. While most apps can provide you with dozens of beauty filters, this app can turn your photos as if they are all professionally done. The app’s $4.99 Monthly subscription is seemingly a fair deal. You can even avail a forever Pro account for only $49.99. When the watermarks are gone, no one will ever notice that you are using a photo editing app like FaceApp because the results are always in high quality. Currently, FaceApp is available for both Android and iOS devices and you can download this amazing app absolutely for free. Have fun!

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