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Latest Version2.15.50.9

People are now embracing the new way to watch their favorite tv shows in a very smart way. Interestingly, most programs today are now accessible only through mobile devices using some of the popular streaming service providers like Netflix and Hulu. For those who don’t want to settle with small mobile screens will find third party devices like Chromecast and Google Home absolutely useful. Chromecast is a device that allows you to stream videos and other Internet-streamed audiovisual content on High definition television through mobile devices and apps that support Chromecast technology.

Google HomeIntroducing Google Home

If Amazon has Alexa, Chromecast will introduce us to Google Home. It comes with an app of the same name that allows you to set up, manage and control all your Google Home and Chromecast devices. Interestingly, Google Home works pretty much the same as Alexa. It comes with a virtual assistant that can be commanded using nothing but your voice. This impressive voice-recognition technology absolutely makes your life a lot easier by helping you do things like accessing various forms of media, managing your daily tasks, and control numerous devices using your voice.

What really makes Google Home works like a gem is the fact that you do not need any remote as everything can be done and configured using your very own mobile device. All you need is to download the app and simply assign your devices to rooms to control everything in one place. Take note that this app works only for Google Home devices, Smart Displays, and other devices that are labeled “Made for Google” like C by GE Smart bulbs and Philips Hue Bluetooth to name a few. As you download the app, you just have to sync the app either with your existing Google Account or create a new one.

Google HomeControl Everything in One Tap

After downloading the Google Home app, you just have to start setting up the devices and services to your home. This app allows you to watch and listen to various forms of media through your mobile device. You can play music from a popular music streaming services and you can even sort them by artists, song, genre, album, playlist, and more. On top of that, Google Home also allows you to be updated with the latest news from various news sources, listen to your favorite podcast or popular radio stations. Interestingly, you can even share your Google Home access with your family and friends using their Voice Match feature.

The app also allows you to play and control TV shows and movies on any TV that supports Chromecast technology. Some of the popular voice-supported partners include Netflix, HBO Now, YouTube TV and more. You can also view your Google Photos and enjoy a slideshow of your favorite pictures. If you are a music lover, you can always stream your favorite songs and music to any speakers that have Chromecast Audio plugged in.

Google HomeManage Your Daily Tasks

Aside from taking control of your daily streaming routines, Google Home can also be your time management buddy. Through this app, you can get daily help with your personal routines. All it takes is one command and let your Google Assistant do the rest of the jobs for you. You can get curated daily snippets about your day which includes weather, calendar, commute, reminders, and news. Users can conveniently ask for traffic and travel times. You can also search for local places and ask for additional information about them.

To top it all, you can also get the current weather forecasts for your current home location or even from other locations as well. You can also get your schedule or ask about an event using the Google Calendar feature. The same thing goes with your scheduled flights. Users can get status updates regarding with their upcoming flights. You can also get a shopping list or even shop directly using Google Home.

Google HomeVerdict

Google Home and its Google Home app is indeed a useful device that will surely make your life a lot easier. Compared to its leading competitors, Google Home is notably way cheaper yet the quality of services you can get from it was never compromised. Simply purchase the device and download the Google Home app on your mobile and everything is perfectly set.

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