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Latest Version4.57.1.0

Feeling lost? Navigating a new place is truly a great challenge and it could also be an exhausting and absolutely time-consuming experience. Luckily, people can now take advantage of various navigational apps such as Waze to help them track the exact location in no time. If you are not familiar with the place and you do not know how to get there, Waze is the app that you should include on your mobile. This easy-to-use and undeniably useful mobile app will provide you the best of all your navigation needs. If you own a car and you need a handy navigational system to accompany you in your travel, Waze could be a perfect fit.

WazeEasy To Use Navigation App

Unlike a typical GPS device, Waze comes with a very simple and user-friendly interface. Once you have downloaded the app, it prompts you to a simple map screen that displays your current location. To make this app work, you must grant Waze an access to your device location. To start, simply input your desired location on the “Where To” search bar located above the screen. Much like Google Maps, the app will provide you the results but what makes Waze more distinctive above the rest of navigational applications is its impressive GPS system and virtual voice assistant that will help you reach your destination in no time.

Since the app requires your location at all times, Waze requires users to have a stable Internet connection. It consumes mobile data to track the place and guide you all throughout. In case you do not know the exact location or if you are simply looking for a restaurant or a gas station nearby, you can search them by tapping the respective icons on the screen. There are icons for Parking, Gas Stations, Food, Coffee, Shopping, Pharmacies, Grocery Stores, Hospitals, Hotels, and Outdoor parks. It surely makes navigation a lot easier.

WazeImpressive Voice Assistant and Real-Time Traffic

One of the excellent highlights of the Waze app is the impressive voice assistant navigation system. Waze offers a turn by turn voice navigation system which will instruct you on where to go and how to reach your destination faster. You can even customize the voices and find the one you like the most. Users can also customize the voice assistant and configure it based on their very own preferences including their desired language. Interestingly, you can also use Waze to listen to your favorite music or podcast while navigating. It is definitely something to keep you up while traveling.

Through Waze, you will have the ability to detect or trace real-time traffic. You can also be informed of the latest traffic-related incidents from accidents to police traps. This particular feature allows you to avoid traffic-jammed areas. The Real-time traffic system alerts Waze users about oncoming traffic or road incidents. The warning will give them option to find an alternative route. To top it all, when you download Waze, you can also get an accurate ETA (estimated time of arrival) based on live traffic data.

WazeArrive on Time and Locate Parking Areas in No Time

As mentioned above, one of the interesting benefits of Waze’s Real-time traffic system is the ability to tell you the estimated time of arrival. The app can calculate the time and distance from one location to another. This helps you to arrive at your location on time or better yet earlier than expected. You can also save time by using this app to find the nearest parking areas. You do not have to navigate cluelessly just to reach your destination because the Waze app made it a lot easier for you.

The Verdict

Waze is truly an impressive app. It comes with many great features that every user will find extremely beneficial. It provides accurate results and it warns users about an incoming traffic or road accidents which can prevent them from being stuck to any nearby traffic. Waze helps you reach your destination much faster. Above all, you can also save your favorite destinations and use them for future references. You can even link the app with any of your streaming media like Spotify or Pandora Music. Waze is available for both iOS and Android devices and you can download this amazing app for free.

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