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PlatformsAndroid 4.4+
Size18.4 MB
Latest Version 2.1.60

Netflix and Hulu are probably two of the best streaming service providers out there. However, in order to enjoy their content to a full extent, users must subscribe to their fee-based plans that can be paid on a monthly basis. This is after you have enjoyed their free trial period. For those who are looking for free video streaming service, Mobdro is probably a great fit. Mobdro is a wonderful tool that constantly looks for free video streams available on the web and makes them accessible on your mobile device.

MobdroStream Your Favorite Videos in HD for Free

Mobdro, however, unlike other apps, is not available through the Google Play Store or Apple App store. To get this app, you must go directly to their official webpage at Simply look for the download button and complete the installation process. Once done, you can now access the app and it prompts you right away to your dashboard. Like most video streaming app, Mobdro will give you access to their huge catalog of videos that are definitely worth watching.

Interestingly, the app comes with a very simple and user-friendly interface. You can navigate the app easily and all the videos are sorted by categories. These categories include Channels, News, Shows, Movies, Sports, Music, Gaming, Animals, Tech, Podcasts, Spiritual, and Others. Tap your preferred category and it will show you all the results. It may not offer as much as Netflix and Hulu but if you dig around the app, you will see that there are many great videos that are absolutely worth exploring.

MobdroShare and Bookmark Your Streams

Of course, the best part about Mobdro is the fact that you can obtain all these amazing streaming services absolutely for free. Although it is generally free of charge, there is still a catch. The videos always come up with ads because that’s basically where they get their revenue and it is pretty much reasonable. For those who do not want their videos to be interrupted by ads, they can always upgrade your account to premium or simply referred by Mobdro as the No Ads Mode.

As the term suggests, upgrading your account to premium will remove all the ads and it enables you to watch their content without any interruption. Doing so, however, requires a fee. Whether you are using the free or the paid version of Mobdro, you can still enjoy the app and stream the videos in great quality. You can definitely watch your favorite movies or tv shows in high definition. To top it all, you can always share or recommend videos to your friends in just one tap. If you are greatly hooked with a show, you can always organize and bookmark your streams. You can filter them and sort them by language or by topic and access your own library at any given time.

MobdroDownload Your Favorite Videos

Found the movie or tv show you like but you ain’t got the time to watch it right away? Well, aside from the ability to bookmark the video, you can actually download the movie or the episode of your favorite tv show. This particular feature enables the users to watch their favorite video offline which means, you do not have to worry about the sudden loss of Internet connection or if you are in a place with no wifi at all. You can enjoy your favorite movie anytime and anywhere!

The Verdict

With so many streaming services today that offers great plans, those who are looking for free alternative may find Mobdro absolutely fascinating. This app allows you to stream great videos for absolutely no charge. It requires no credit card or monthly subscription plans. You might encounter overwhelming ads but you can always upgrade the account to premium to enhance your video streaming experience. Currently, Mobdro can only be downloaded from their official site via APK.

Download Mobdro