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It is wonderful to see how entertainment has evolved all through the years. Today, people can watch and enjoy movies through their mobile devices. Thanks to the streaming service providers that allow their users to watch their favorite movies and tv series on the go. Among the leading free streaming TV and movie services, today is the Pluto TV. This incredible app allows you to watch over 100 live tv channels and over 1000 movies and tv shows on-demand and you can access them all absolutely for free.

Pluto TVWatch Your Favorite Movies and Series for Free

As mentioned above, the best part of Pluto TV is the fact that you can access the full extent of their amazing streaming services for free. It means that unlike the leading streaming services today, Pluto TV doesn’t provide a  fee-based subscription service. There will be no plan selections and no credit cards required and yet the app is still considered legal.  You are free to watch your favorite movies and tv shows using only this amazing Android app.

Interestingly, the app offers a huge collection of movies and tv series that are absolutely binge-worthy. With over 1000 movies to pick from, you certainly have lots of reasons to enjoy this app. Pluto TV will showcase different movies of different genres from comedies, romance, drama, horror, animated films, and as well classic movie hits like Batman Begins, Legally Blonde, Shutter Island, Child’s Play, and many others. If you are planning for a movie marathon, simply use this app along with smart tv and you are good to go!

Pluto TVExplore over 100 Channels you Want

If you are into tv-series and if you are eyeing for a certain tv show, Pluto TV is definitely a perfect platform. It features over 100 live tv channels to explore. The app divides its content into blocks of channels and once you start to dig around, there is definitely plenty to discover. The channels are generally sorted by categories including News, Sports, Movies, Comedy, and Chill Out. There are some notable channels like NBC News, Fox Sports, CBSN, and many others. They also offer channels that you’ve probably never heard of yet still worth watching.

If you are into entertainment, Pluto TV gives you access to channels like MTV, Comedy Central, Spike, BET and many more. You also have access to educational programs like Discovery Channel and Animal Planet. Generally, you got everything you need and the shows are absolutely for every walk of age. Kids can also enjoy channels like Nick and Nick Jr.

Pluto TVBe Updated With the Latest Stories

If you are into News, you can always keep yourself updated with the latest stories happening around the world. The app gives you access to various news channels like CNN, Bloomberg Television, News 24/7 to name a few. It also offers an impressive catalog of on-demand tv shows. Pluto TV has so many great shows to offer and all you need is to dig around and see which shows suit your taste and your current mood. If you are lucky enough, you might be able to dig some blockbuster classics or some old episodes from various tv shows that already went off air for many years.

The Verdict

Let’s be honest, nothing can really replace the services we can get from leading streaming service provides like Hulu or Netflix but if you cannot afford their monthly subscription plans and if you are looking for a perfect and cheaper alternative, Pluto TV is surely a great fit. Although the service is completely free of charge, there is still a catch. Kindly expect to encounter multiple ads because that is where they get their revenue from and considering the service is free, I guess that is pretty reasonable. Overall, it is a great app and absolutely worth a download. Currently, the app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

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