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PlatformsAndroid 4.4 and up
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Latest Version10.70.5.0

If you are tired sharing the same text-based statuses on your social media, you might consider finding a new and possibly the most entertaining way of sharing your moments with your friends. Snapchat is a multimedia messaging app that will surely change your way of sharing your moments with your friends. As what the title of the app suggests, Snapchat utilizes your mobile phone’s camera and allows you to send snap in just a few seconds. This app uses colorful virtual stickers and augmented reality objects that allow you to turn simple videos and pictures into something more fun and entertaining.

SnapchatSnap and Colorful Filters

With over 210 million daily active users, we cannot deny the fact that Snapchat is one of the most popular and most successful messaging app out there. Unlike your typical messaging app, Snapchat changes the platform and gives you a new way of sharing your moments with your friends. Generally, here’s how the app works. As soon as you download the app on your mobile, it prompts you directly to your phone camera. You must grant this app an access to your camera, location, and gallery for full Snapchat experience.

Instead of a typical camera setting, Snapchat adds tons of colorful features. This includes a huge collection of virtual stickers and augmented reality objects that you can add to your photos or videos. These colorful stickers will change from time to time which gives the users bigger options and allowing them to become more creative with their snaps. Some effects will even allow you to transform your face to your younger self or turn you to an old character. Once you have added the filter and once you are satisfied with the result, you can either save it to your gallery or share it with your Memories and other social media networks.

SnapchatVideo Chats and Unique Messaging System

Snapchat is more than just a simple photo editing app. Your experience will not just end on adding filters or effects but it actually has many other features to offer. One of which is the Snapchat’s unique messaging system. Instead of a typical chat board or chatbox, this app allows you to turn your chat conversation into something more fun and colorful. This app allows you to chat with your friends and have your normal conversation while adding some colorful stickers, Bitmojis, and more effects.

To top it all, you can also stay in touch with your friends through live messaging or better yet share your day with Group Stories. The Video chat features, on the other hand, allows you to chat with up to 16 friends at once. To make your conversation more entertaining, you can use filters and lenses during the video chat. You can also express yourself using the so-called Friendmojis. These are the colorful and exclusive Bitmojis that are made just for you and your friend.

SnapchatDiscover People and Memories

Another interesting feature of Snapchat is that it allows you to discover new people and friends using the same platform. Simply head over to the Discover page and it prompts you to different profiles. Some of which include popular celebrities and other famous Snapchat content creators. You can follow your favorite Snapchat user and befriend them. Users can follow their stories and be updated with their latest gigs and events. You can also keep yourself updated with the latest news, watch shows and community stories that are exclusively being streamed in Snapchat.

The app also features the so-called Snap Map which allows you to see where your friends are hanging out if they have shared their location with you. You can also share your own location with your best buddies or go off the grid with its Ghost Mode. Miss you old snaps? Much like Facebook, Snapchat also features Memories which throwbacks your old snaps and gives you the option to reshare it or better yet save it on your phone.


Snapchat is truly a great app. It is packed with lots of colorful features that change the way you share moments with your friends. There is an overwhelming number of stickers and filters and lenses to pick from which allows you to express your very best creativity. It is also very easy to use and it allows you to communicate with the rest of the Snachat users worldwide. Definitely, something you can greatly consider for your device!

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