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If you are a certified music lover and you are an avid radio listener, you have probably come across the Sirius XM Satellite Radio. Interestingly, you no longer need a car just to tune in with your favorite radio stations. Sirius XM has finally come up with their own SiriusXM app which allows you to listen to your favorite channels or radio stations anywhere at any given time. SiriusXM app allows you to discover and enjoy more than 300 channels from various categories including music, sports, comedy, news, and a whole lot more.

SiriusXMExplore Huge Library of Music

SiriusXM comes with so many great features to explore. The app offers a huge library of music and you can simply pick those that suit your taste and mood. It also comes with an easy-to-use and user-friendly interface which allows you to navigate the app without getting lost. The huge library of music is powered by Pandora where users can create their own personalized stations. You can generally create stations based on the artists you love or based on the music you prefer to listen with. Whether you are into pop, country or even classical music, SiriusXM app can sort them out for you.

Aside from the normal channels they offer, SiriusXM recently introduced the so-called Xtra Channels which featured over 100 new channels that are made for all you do. These channels are made to suit your current mood, occasion, and activity. You can discover new music and enjoy even more variety from every decade and music style you love. These music are sorted based on their Decades, Today’s Biggest Hits, Top 100, Music from emerging artists, Music Mash, Workout, Chill Out, and The Weekend.

SiriusXMPersonalized Radio Stations

Another great feature offered by SiriusXM is the ability to organize everything the way you like it. Everything in this app is set up in simple-to-navigate categories for quicker searching. You do not have to navigate from one page to another just to find what you are looking for. To top it all, the app features SiriusXM Favorites which breaks down into Channels, Shows, and Episodes for faster access. You can also receive personal recommendations based on what you are listening to.

The SiriusXM On Demand is another notable feature of the app which allows you to discover more than 5000 hours of different shows and videos including tons of groundbreaking interviews, intimate musical performances from different artists and some remarkable episodes from the Howard Stern Shows. It also includes other popular shows featuring high profile hosts and personalities like Andy Cohen, Today Show, The Garth Channel, and many others.

SiriusXMDiscover Channels That Suit Your Mood

SiriusXM is definitely more than just a radio station. It allows you to discover different channels that will absolutely suit your current mood. Aside from a huge library of music that is wonderfully sorted in various categories, you can also discover other equally engaging channels that feature various topics. If you are looking for Comedy shows, you can explore the app and enjoy channels like the one from Comedy Central Radio. Sports lovers will also enjoy channels like NFL, ESPN U Radio, and many more. You can also explore talk shows like the Today Show or other channels hosted by artists and celebrities like LL Cool J, Garth Brook, and more.

SiriusXMThe Verdict

SiriusXM is indeed a great addition to your mobile. Just be mindful, however, that that app offers a 30 day free trial period. Once the free trial ends, SiriusXM will offer you their subscription-based packages that will fit your needs. If you enjoy everything about the service, you can always upgrade your account to All Access and enjoy SiriusXM to full extent. Overall, it is a great app and something you can confidently add on your mobile and enjoy your favorite music and shows at any given time. Currently, the app is available for both Android and iOS devices and you can download it absolutely for free.

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