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Tape Measure App Review

PublisherLevel Labs LLC
PlatformsAndroid 3.0+; iOS 6.0+
Size44.5 MB
Latest Version2.096

You may not know it, but people need to measure things at a daily basis. It can be for functional purposes, such as moving or transferring things and objects. Or it can be just plain curiosity, when you are simply wondering about the height of a person or the measurements of a structure or item. But not everyone has a tape measure with them everywhere they go, so most of time things are not determined. But with the new app Tape Measure, you can have a quick and easy to use tape measure in your mobile device.

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Tape Measure Functions

Screenshot of Tape Measure app measuring a frame

The tape measure app is vaunted as “the most advanced measure app” available. It is a tape measure that can be used with your mobile device and the camera on your phone. It is the favourite app of carpenters, contractors, architects, developers, designers, and engineers. The app has an area measurement tool that allows users to use the camera of the phone to measure an area from a distance of up to five feet. The app can be used for free, but you can upgrade to Tape Measure Pro and access so many more features for a subscription of $24.99. You can also remove all ads with a one time-purchase of $2.99

Tape Measure Features

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Screenshot of the app measuring a person’s height

The Tape measure app can measure from a distance, but it features several more useful tools. One of the most impressive tools of the app is the floor measurement feature, which allows users to create floor plans and measure the area, length, and width of the floors that they are standing on. There is also a level tool and a bubble level that allows you to see if a surface or area is level or how many degrees it is off by.

Screenshot of the app being used to measure a floor plan

There are many other additional features that make the app even more impressive. The vertical height tool that allows users to see the height of an object or person. All users have to do is point their device’s camera at the subject and the height will be measured. The app also allows users to use their mobile device to measure small things and objects like a ruler. The app also has a Measurements viewer. This feature allows users to see all the measurements that you have done in the past. This lets you store and even share the measurements.


The tape measure app is one of the simplest yet innovative and functional utility apps out there. It offers so many features that can be used by professionals on so many levels and aspects. But it can also be used and enjoyed by the layman. Whether you are measuring an intricate floor plan or just curious how tall your friends really are, this app can be used for all of that. The app also has a very user-friendly interface that allows even the out-of-touch-with-tech user enjoy and maximize its features. A must have if you are a professional that measures things on a daily basis, but it is also a fun and useful app to have for the regular person.