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Managing your taxes can be very stressful but we always have to be responsible for filing and paying our taxes on time, otherwise, we might face financial troubles. In 2011, the Internal Revenue Service launched its official mobile app, the IRS2GO. This app allows taxpayers to manage their taxes, check their refund status, make payments, find free tax preparation assistance and many other related services. The ongoing coronavirus outbreak drastically affected the 2020 tax season which forced the IRS to extend the tax filing deadline for both individuals and businesses. Due to the outbreak, the US government sent out stimulus payments for taxpayers amounting to $1,200 and the IRS recently launched an app to check your payment status.

IRS2GoHow IRS2GO Works?

The IRS2GO is a very useful app that can help taxpayers in so many ways. One of its main functions is to allow users to check their Federal Tax Refund status. Through IRS2GO, users can input their Social Security number, filing status, and their expected refund amount. Although you can also check your Federal Tax Refund status by heading over to IRS’ official site ( using the “Get Refund Status” page, the mobile app makes the process more easily accessible. As what the title of the app suggests, it is IRS2Go which allows users to check their refund status anytime and anywhere without the need of accessing the official site using your browser.

Another great thing about this mobile app is that you can also make tax payments with IRS2Go. Aside from checking your refund status, this app also allows you to pay tax payments by paying them directly from your bank account or through a debit or credit card. If you are an individual taxpayer, you can use the app’s built-in IRS Direct Pay feature with no charge. This mobile-friendly payment option is not just free but also a safe and secure way to pay your taxes. Security is indeed the top-most priority and using this mobile app, it will never be compromised. In fact, users can even generate login security codes for certain IRS online services, allowing you to retrieve codes through IRS2Go instead of using text messages.

IRS2GoHelpful Tax Tips on the Go

Another interesting functionality of IRS2Go is the Free Tax Help where users can receive daily tax-related tips that can be delivered to registered taxpayers via email (the email address associated or affiliated to your IRS account). You can directly access the free tax software from your mobile device to quickly prepare and file your taxes and get your refund. Users can also use the mobile app to find the nearest VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance) or TCE (Tax Counseling for the Elderly) and receive in-person tax advice. Take note that these programs are only available to taxpayers who are qualified.

The mobile app will also provide the official Social media pages of IRS including their Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram to keep you updated. You can even subscribe to their official YouTube Channel to receive more useful IRS Tax tips. For those who are eager to know more about the status of their stimulus payment, unfortunately, the IRS2Go is not yet capable of giving you such information. IRS launched a separate app on their website known as the “Get My Payment” app to give you the latest update and status of your stimulus payment.

IRS2GoThe Verdict

Although you can access all the IRS-related information directly from their official webpage (, the IRS2Go makes it more convenient for taxpayers to access the specific information that they want. They can freely check the status of their federal tax refund at any given time and place without the need of accessing the actual website. Above all, the mobile app comes with many extra useful features to help you manage your taxes and receive useful tips you can definitely apply. The IRS2Go is available both Android and iOS devices (as well as Amazon) and you can download this finance app absolutely for free.

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