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Latest Version7.3.1

One of the most in-demand methods of payment today is through online. With the rapid rise of various online shops, it is understandable that people are engaging more into convenient method to pay for these goods. One of the most widely used online payment method today is through PayPal.  It’s definitely an app that you must have on your mobile considering that most online shop today includes PayPal as one of the available mode of payments. With PayPal Mobile Cash app, you can send and request money instantly and you can pay for goods without worrying about security and being involved in some kind of scam and other related concerns. If you are looking for an easiest and fastest way to transfer money online, you might want to download PayPal on your mobile and see what else this incredible app has to offer.

download PayPalSecurity Always Comes First

PayPal is definitely the fastest and safest way to transfer money online. As soon as you download  PayPal, you need to enter all the information you need which includes your personal credentials. You can link your PayPal account to your credit cards or debit cards too. Since this app requires very important financial information, security is mostly the number one concern. It is very interesting to note that PayPal will keep all your financial information private and protected.

They will guarantee you to have a peace of mind and convince you that your account is 100% safe. They have 24/7 monitoring and secure encryption technology to keep your account safe. To top it all, they also have a fraud protection system  as well as the fingerprint and 2 factor authentication which will surely prevent your account from being hacked.

download PayPalSend Money to Friends and Family

One of the key functions that you can embrace when you download PayPal is the ability to send money to your friends or family in no time. In just few taps, you can easily transfer money to anyone anywhere. Just input their respective addresses (PayPal accounts) or input their Bank account to transfer the cash directly to their own bank accounts. You can also request for money from a friend too or even create an Invoice to ask for a payment from the goods or services they received from you.

Pay Goods and Services

If you download PayPal, you will have the ability to buy and pay goods from various online shops like eBay, Amazon and many more. There are also restaurants and even Hotels that accept PayPal as a mode of payment. You can also use PayPal as a mode of payment to Apple App Store, Apple Music, iTunes, and iBooks to name a few. Same thing goes with Google Play Store. Many online merchants are also supporting PayPal online payment system too. What makes it even better is the fact that PayPal uses their Purchase Protection service to protect your account and secures a good transaction between the buyer and the seller.


Generally, PayPal is indeed an excellent addition to your mobile. It is a perfect alternative to your traditional electronic money transfer. The app offers the easiest method due to its user-friendly interface and definitely the fastest among the rest. They also have this “PayPal Giving Fund” which allows you to support charities or donate money on your selected None profit organizations. Currently, the app is available for both Android and iOS devices and you can download PayPal for free. Make sure to include PayPal on your mobile and start your online transaction smoothly and safely.

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