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PlatformsAndroid 3.0+; iOS 6.0+
Latest Version3.2.0

Not too long ago, there was this mobile app known as Terrarium TV. This app offers a huge catalog of movies and tv series that allows users to watch them for free even without paying any fees. Let’s admit it, not everyone is willing to pay for those subscription-based apps like Netflix or Amazon Prime so having Terrarium TV was such a gem. After the service was discontinued, people are starting to look for a better alternative and that’s where the Cyberflix TV came in! Cyberflix TV is merely considered as a clone to Terrarium TV which provides the same amazing features and privileges to its users.

cyberflix tvStream Your Favorite Movies and TV Shows For Free

It’s wonderful to see how technology changes over the years. Today, we can embrace all the benefits of our mobile devices and we can do almost anything to it. One of which is the streaming service where people get the chance to watch their favorite movies and tv series at any given time using only their mobile phone. With so many streaming service providers like Netflix and Amazon Prime, people now have so many great choices to choose from. However, if you are aiming for free streaming services, finding the right one could be a trick.

With Cyberflix TV, you’ll get to enjoy your favorite movies and tv shows without locking yourself with any fee-based subscription plans. Generally, the app works the same way with Terrarium TV and it even shares the same layout. The only thing that makes Cyberflix TV more distinctive is the fact that it features high-quality sources which allows you to watch videos in great definition. It allows you to watch videos in 4k, 1080p, and 720p resolution. Best of all, you can watch them all for free.

cyberflix tvGet Notified for New Releases

Unfortunately, unlike other streaming services for mobile, Cyberflix TV is not easily obtainable. The app, apparently, is not available either on Google Play or Apple App Store. Android users, however, can install the app on their mobile through APK. There are many ways to side-load Cyberflix TV on your Android device. You can use third-party apps like Downloader and other VPN services. It is always ideal to use a third-party VPN service when streaming free movies and tv shows with apps like Cyberflix TV to protect your identity and security.

Much like Terrarium TV, navigating Cyberflix TV is not complicated at all. The app comes with a user-friendly interface where all the shows are sorted based on their respective categories. You can also filter the result through the sub-categories such as genres, most popular, most trending, and many more. You can also use Real Debrid with Cyberflix TV which allows you to watch movies in higher definition and gives you better playback with less buffering. It also allows you to get notified with the latest movie or tv show releases. Real Debrid, however, is a premium service that can be availed at a very low rate.

cyberflix tvSave Videos Offline

Another impressive feature of Cyberflix TV is that it allows users to save their favorite movies or tv series offline. Doing so is not as complicated as it sounds. Through the app, simply search for your desired title and choose the source. Simply choose the download option and the media will start to download. Once done, you just have to head over your Finished tab and stream your downloaded movie anytime and anywhere even without an Internet connection. Just be mindful that downloading any files from unknown sources could be risky so make sure you are using VPN to protect your identity.

The Verdict

Cyberflix TV is indeed a great app especially for those who are not willing to use any fee-based subscription streaming apps like Netflix. It shares the same features with the former Terrarium TV and adds more engaging features. Cyberflix TV can also be integrated with other apps like Trakt and more. You can also add subtitles too! Knowing that it is free, Cyberflix TV is definitely a great catch! You may not be able to download it via Google Play Store but you can install the app via APK.

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