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PlatformsAndroid 3.0+; iOS 6.0+
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Latest Version2.2.0

Sometimes the most useful apps that you can have on your phone are the simplest ones. This reviews the Flashlight app for android and apple users. Most people disregard this app because most phones and mobile devices already come with a pre-installed flashlight application. But this app does that and much more. Not only does it control the light on your phone for your camera but it also controls brightness, color, and it can even control the light to create messages and signals.

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Flashlight Functions.

User interface of the flashlight app

When you turn on the flashlight app, it immediately turns on the flash located at the back of your device. The app is simple and straightforward, which is why it is among the best utility apps available. The interface of the app has just one button. It is a large power button in the middle of the screen that allows users to turn the flashlight on and off. In a rush, you will be able to pull up the app and turn on the flashlight in a matter of seconds. This is faster than most built-in flashlight apps. The app has a green indicator light to let you know if the flashlight behind your phone is on or off. Below the light is a working compass that lets you know where you are in terms of directions.

Flashlight Features

GPS screen of the flashlight app

When you turn on the flashlight app, it immediately turns on the light to its brightest setting, but it is not the only setting like most flashlight apps. Users can adjust the brightness through a toggle found around the top of the power button. On the top of the app, you can see numbers where you can scroll from zero to nine. This controls the strobe pulse of the light. It can be a steady one pulse per second at the 1 setting or a fast pulsing light at the 9 setting. It can also be set to strobe to pulse at the SOS frequency. This can be invaluable in emergency situations.

Morse code screen of the Flashlight app

The app also has a built-in mini map that can be accessed by clicking the compass. Once clicked, the app will access your GPS and show you exactly where you are. Also found around the power button is the color light. This activates the front screen of your phone to glow with the color of your choice. Next to the color light is the morse code button. This opens the morse code message screen where you can type a message and the app will send the message through morse code light pulses.


The flashlight app is simple and direct and that’s where it beauty and elegance lies. It is completely user-friendly, and anyone can learn to use it within seconds. The interface is simple but looks stylish and smooth. It may look like a simple flashlight app, and that in itself is worth a lot, but it offers so much more. It has features such as color light, the compass, and the strobe pulse lights. It’s a great app, and for its price (free) it is one of the best utility apps out there.

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