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PlatformsAndroid 5.0 and up
Size30 MB
Latest Version4.73.1

Are you a teacher who wants to try an interesting method for your students? Are you a parent who wants to monitor their kid’s progress at school? Interestingly, there is an app for that! Class Dojo is a beautiful communication app that is wonderfully optimized for teachers, parents, and students. This interesting app helps teachers to build a positive classroom culture by encouraging students and communicating with their parents. It comes with many amazing tools that teachers can use to improve their methods of teaching and as well as to keep the parents updated with their kid’s progress.

Class DojoBuild Amazing Classroom Community

One of the key purposes of Class Dojo is to help teachers build an amazing classroom community. Once you have downloaded the app, it enables the teachers to create a profile for each student. Each of them comes with their own avatar to which teachers can assign positive or negative points throughout the lesson. The app generally aims to give students a voice, share moments with parents, and create a positive culture in the classroom in various ways. These include sound recognition, up-to-the-minute progress visualization, and even gamification of basic classroom behavior management.

Interestingly, this app provides the teachers with the ability to give their students digital high-fives as a form of encouragement. They can also reward students with points for a job well done. Parents, on the other hand, will be notified of such achievement and can get immediate feedback on the projects their kids worked on in class. They can also get feedback regarding their child’s behavioral needs. This online behavior management system is merely intended to foster positive student behaviors and classroom culture.

Class DojoConnect Teachers, Parents, and Students

As what the main description says, the main purpose of this Class Dojo app is to connect teachers, parents, and students to improve student behavior and build character strengths. Generally, the primary goal of this app is to encourage positive student behaviors and to provide a means for teachers and parents to communicate frequently and effectively about student development using a single platform. For teachers, they can use the Class Dojo app to promote positive behaviors in their classroom and as well as strengthening lines of communication between school and home.

The app wonderfully promotes positive class values such as Helping others, On Task, Participating, Perseverance, Teamwork, and Working Hard. These class values are fully customizable. For the parents, they can access Class Dojo through the app itself. The app will provide parents access to behavior information for multiple children across multiple classrooms by adding each unique access code assigned to them. This allows the parents to monitor their kid’s progress. Students, can use the app and track their very own progress.

Class DojoExplore Various Teacher’s Tools

Class Dojo is extremely useful and beneficial for teachers in many ways. Aside from giving them the ability to connect to both parents and students, the app comes with many great tools that they can use to improve their teaching and to help them build a positive classroom culture faster than they can imagine. Through this app, teachers can bring parents into the classroom experience by sharing photos, videos, and announcements. They can also safely and instantly message any parent at any given time if necessary. To top it all, teachers can use tools like Group Maker, Noise Meter, and many others.

The Verdict

Class Dojo is truly a unique app. It may not be applicable to everyone and is designed for a specific type of audience and users, but we cannot deny how useful this app can be especially when building a positive classroom culture. Whether you are a teacher who is looking for an effective method for the students, a concerned parent who wants to monitor their kids’ progress or a student who wants to have great studying experience, this Class Dojo is definitely a perfect platform. Currently, the app is available for both Android and iOS devices and best of all, this app can be downloaded for free.

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