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Today, there’s an overwhelming number of streaming apps to choose from. Each comes with their own engaging features. Those who are avid users of Amazon products such as the Echo smart speakers will surely find Amazon Music equally fascinating. Amazon Music comes with a large music library and it allows you to listen with your favorite music without any interrupting ads. There are many ways to listen to Amazon Music. You can either listen free with a Prime membership, enjoy more features with Amazon Music Unlimited or simply listen to Amazon Music without any subscription required.

Amazon MusicExplore over 50 Million Ad-free Songs

Using the Amazon Music Unlimited, you’ll get to enjoy a huge library of music that will suit your taste and your current mood. You’ll get unlimited access to more than 50 million songs. These are songs from your favorite artists or album. The songs and playlists are also categorized in their respective genres of music. So whether you enjoy pop or country music, you are free to switch from one track to another. The Unlimited plan also allows you to listen to all the latest new releases from your favorite artists.

To top it all, it comes with Ad-free listening which means, you will no longer be interrupted by any ads while listening to your favorite playlist. It also comes with hands-free listening on your favorite device.  Above that, you can also smoothly integrate this app with Amazon products like Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, and Amazon Tap. Just be mindful though that Amazon Music requires a separate subscription for each Amazon device you want to integrate it with. You can only get the Ad-free listening through its paid version.

Amazon MusicPlay Music in High Quality

With Amazon Music HD, you get to enjoy listening to Amazon’s huge music library and all are being played in high definition. You get over double bitrate of standard streaming services in CD-Quality. With this Amazon Music HD plan, you’ll get to listen to millions of songs in Ultra HD with up to 10x+ the bitrate (24 Bit, 192kHz). Therefore, you will have the chance to listen to your favorite music the way artists intended.

It is also wonderful to mention that Amazon Music Unlimited comes with a 30 Day Free Trial and you are free to cancel the subscription at any given time during the trial period. If you do not want to be part of any subscription plan, you can still enjoy Amazon Music. Simply download the app on your mobile and enjoy the free streaming from thousands of available stations. However, unlike the paid subscriptions, the streaming is merged with various ads while listening.  This free version, however, gives you access to some of the Top playlists like All Hits and Rap Rotation.

Amazon MusicUnlimited Skips and Offline Listening

The best part of using the Amazon Music with Prime Membership or the Amazon Music Unlimited is that you also get to enjoy unlimited skips. Similar to Spotify, the paid version allows you to skip songs without any limits. To top it all, you also get to enjoy Offline Listening. It allows you to download the song offline and listen to them even without the Wi-fi connection. Users can also use their Amazon Alexa tech to search for songs by lyrics or to play tracks and playlist via voice commands.

The Verdict

Amazon Music is indeed a great streaming app for many reasons. This standalone streaming music service by Amazon provides an intriguing alternative to many competing products on the market today. People who own Echo and other Amazon products like Fire TV will surely find this product extremely useful and beneficial. The paid subscription plans come with ad-free listening, offline streaming, unlimited skips and they get to enjoy over 50 million songs! That’s absolutely a great catch. Interestingly, this app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

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